Why did MS uses DDR3 ram?

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User Info: NinjaDeath911

3 years ago#81
staticxtreme5 posted...
Because DDR3 is plenty fast, and will most definitely not be the bottleneck in this round of consoles. The DDR5 is overkill.

Maybe not right NOW in the early stages, but as the system gets older and the games get more elaborate and crazy, there is going to be a problem

User Info: yutterh

3 years ago#82
scoobydoobydont posted...
Real non-fanboy reasons:

A) Cost. When MS locked itself into final memory specs, the cost of DDR3 was dirt cheap. Sony decided to double the memory pretty late in the game, MS always had the same amount. It's easier to add more RAM than change what kind you're using once specs are locked down. Sony took a risk and it paid off.

B) Heat. MS intentionally was gearing the Xbone to be a media hub and didn't want it to be loud. More heat means more cooling, more cooling means more noise. GDDR runs hotter than DDR.

There may be some other minor reasons, but those two decided it. Personally, I think both companies screwed up. Should have waited another year and gone all out with DDR4. Both consoles are already so outdated its embarrassing, and the jump over last gen is so modest despite the length of the last cycle.

The consoles would have been even more expensive then.
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User Info: Riverraider98

3 years ago#85
Omg this topic just needs to end...
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User Info: SS_MetalSonic

3 years ago#86
Satchmo25 posted...
ILikeGamesMan posted...
Sony(c)(TM)(r) - Home of the teraflops!*

* Games sold separately **

** No games available at this time.

I lol'd

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User Info: jonnyram4000

3 years ago#87
It's gddr5 not ddr5 since ddr5 doesn't exist yet now if xbone would of waited they could of threw in some ddr4 this year.
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User Info: Callmege

3 years ago#88
krystyla posted...
ZenGamer64 posted...
Why not the more powerful DDR5 like Sony used is the PS4?

It's GDDR5, which is a version of DDR3, and has a faster bandwidth but is worse at multi tasking afaik

This. It's not DDR5, there's no such thing (yet and AFAIK, I'm not building rigs these days). GDDR is DDR ram optimised for graphics cards. As both Xbone and PS4 are a little weaker than previous generations overall architecture in the CPU department it makes sense to use ram optimised for graphics.
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User Info: BushidoEffect3

3 years ago#89
DDR3 is the best.
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User Info: Enclave

3 years ago#90
DecmanC posted...
IDK, but what PS4 fanboys and trolls are conveniently missing out is the fact that MS put some eSRAM in the XB1, but Sony didn't. Why don't you ask the PS4 board why Sony opted to use nothing in place of eSRAM?

They actually considered a similar design for the PS4 but decided against it in favour of making the system as easy to develop for as possible. Or did you forget that? That said, even with the added benefit of the eSRAM on the Xbone it still isn't as powerful as the PS4 so I don't really get why you brought it up.

Anyways, the reason MS went with DDR3? Probably to keep costs down, GDDR5 is more expensive after all and the Kinect 2.0 is not a cheap piece of equipment to produce.
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