Games from the first Xbox you would like remade for Xbox One?

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User Info: Dev445

4 years ago#51
Blinx the time sweeper
Kung Fu Chaos
Jet Set Radio future
Halo CE (Xbox One graphics and tweet the gameplay so its more like Halo 4)
Sheume 2 or I'll take 3 (one could dream)
"You all say you want to be human, but why would you want to become something so flawed" - Edward Elric - FullMetal Alchemist

User Info: XanderMXIX

4 years ago#52
MechAssault. Make a 3rd one. Game was awesome.

User Info: Bowser05

4 years ago#53
Halo 2, Munch's Odyssey and Unreal Championship 2.
Playing:Dragon Age 2,LBP,K:CC,FFXIII,Gears3,Borderlands,PkMnW,DKCR,Halo Reach,Assassin's Creed
Still waiting for Nintendo to release Mother 3 in the US...

User Info: WhyGeeGee

4 years ago#54
Panzer Dragoon Orta. I know we have Crimson Dragon but nothing beats Orta in terms of gameplay.

User Info: Tough-stuff

4 years ago#55
The first unreal champion none of that tournament mess and didn't care for the sequel
March assault
Crimson skies
I want cs source on Xone not go
Any bioware RPGs from that era
And another rainbow 6 game please please please ubi ur killing me
"only the dead have seen the end of war"-Plato GT: TOUGH STUFF; PSN: hope_monger

User Info: OhFudge

4 years ago#56
Rallisport Challenge
GT/PSN: XenoGamerX

User Info: whitepsychtiger

4 years ago#57
Kung Fu Chaos
GT:PhantomGenetics Playing: DkS, Minecraft 360, GTAV, Battleblock Theater
Awaiting:Destiny,The Division, Watch Dogs, No Man's Sky, Telltale's GoT and TW3

User Info: archibald3

4 years ago#58
Nhl Hitz
Destroy All Humans

User Info: The_DOAM

4 years ago#59
Kingdom under fire: crusaders
Kingdom under fire: heroes
PSO Episodes 1 & 2(with offline)
Jet Set Radio Future
Shenmue 2
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Crazy Taxi
Jade Empire
Kotor 1 & 2
Battlefront 1 & 2
Crimson Skies
Stubbs the Zombie

Also racing games as removing couch coop from that genre still confuses me and no I don't buy that power excuse.
Ignorance is Bliss...

User Info: Evel138

4 years ago#60
Some great suggestions already.....I'll add (w/ a revamped control scheme) "Grabbed by the Ghoulies"
GT/PSN: Evel138 Lucky Number
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