Xbox One is a great system, "others" realize it they troll in regret.

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User Info: blitz_0623

3 years ago#121
archibald3 posted...
The realization that their very presence here is what makes them look like morons and is kind of the most insecure reassurance of all seems to be the thing all these people can't grasp!

They're like someone who doesn't like Green Day always hanging around Green Day concerts tapping people on the shoulder to debate them on why the band they like is better, lurking around listening for someone to say something good about Green Day or bad about their band .No matter how composed or logical they think they're being their presence here makes them inherently ludicrous .

You also don't see people in a Green Day concert proclaiming people in that concert are there to tell people in that concert that Green Day sucks.
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User Info: seryou101

3 years ago#122
This is like going back in time to elementary school. How pathetic you all are.
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User Info: Pinoy441

3 years ago#123
Pinoy441 posted...
> Everyone on this board is apparently "Tired" of PS4 fanboys coming over
> Continues to make topics like these to bait them into coming back
> u wot m8
*grabs popcorn*

User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#124
therickmu25 posted...
I can easily tell who doesn't own an XB1 in this topic and no, you dont look 'well informed, hip, or smart' you look ignorant. I game on a high end PC primarily and for my setup the Xbox fits perfectly as a media platform on my big screen in my room. I come home and tell it to turn on and go to whatever channel I want while I'm booting my PC without lifting a finger. Waiting inbetween MP matches, split screen tv in the most convenient way possible. Everything seemlessly is connected and o yea, it offers a better game library currently than PS4 so cry over "IT'S ONLY FOR TV" while the whole time the game package is better.

Also, "BUT A SMART TEEVEE DOEZ THAT" Well I don't have a SMART tv nor know anyone that does so congrats, you have a smart TV give yourself a pat on the back.

What do you live in the stone age or did you waste all you allowance on the high end PC. Just about everyone I know has a smart TV and better game library is an opinion. Plus you are basically saying you use it for TV features considering you game primarily on your PC.
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User Info: tinyjotun

3 years ago#125
I have Xbox One, and I continue to Troll.

& I will be trolling you all now in Killer Instinct. See you all real soon, under my bridge.

User Info: lightingemporow

3 years ago#126
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User Info: synsyko

3 years ago#127
DevinePunisher posted...
On another note, am I the only one hoping a new Left 4 Dead on the X1 will be released ?? If that ever comes out I will more then blown away !!!! :-)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Valve is allergic to the number 3 so good luck and get in line behind the countless Half Life fans who have been waiting for Half Life 2 Episode 3 or Half Life 3 to come out for 6 years.
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User Info: Demolatorz

3 years ago#128
Guys, come on. Wii U is obviously the best.
Ghirahim for SSB!

User Info: VeiledGenesis

3 years ago#129
Delta_F14 posted...
lol @ you peasants, squabbling about on which console is better.

PC is da best.

The thread should have ended here. Really, every video game-based argument ever should be ended with this.
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User Info: PokeGold235

3 years ago#130
JustThink1st posted...
Right point, wrong timing. This has always been the case. People who buy Xboxes tend to not be biased towards Sony so if they really want to play the games they pick one up. Hardcore Sony fans hate MS so no matter how much they love the games they never buy the console. This leads them to a twisted emotional state where they attack what they secretly love. Like a fourth grade boy teasing the girl he likes. Its sad and rather unfortunate but funny too. So just take everything Sony lovers say with a grain of salt, most of them are really just jealous. For proof just look at all the "Titanfall wont be that good!" Topics. As a gamer how can you not at least be interested by what the people behind modern warfare 4, arguably one of the most polished games of the last gen, have done. Especially since its been hands down the most praised game at every show its been at, even in japan where they could care less about MS.

Seriously? You're going with the "You're just hating the Xbox One because you're jealous" argument?
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  3. Xbox One is a great system, "others" realize it they troll in regret.

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