Xbox One is a great system, "others" realize it they troll in regret.

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User Info: DevinePunisher

3 years ago#151
archibald3 posted...
Delta_F14 posted...
Don't you guys know that up-scaled 720p at 30 FPS is much better than 1080P at 60 FPS?

The human eye can't even see anything above 30 FPS!

This such a fail in every way. We all know Xbox does 1080p as there's a slew of games already , but that's not really the reason this has become so lame.

Why would you be here and all these other loogans ? Is it so hard to accept that maybe there's things I like about the Xbox One and millions of other people do as well ? All of your pathetic attempts to appear superior just make you all seem so incredibly insecure about your own preferences.

I want a Kinect , I really like the interface , I prefer Xbox ( and I have a ps3 as well). I don't care what YOU like or what YOU think is better and I sure as hell won't be hanging around the message boards if things I DONT like! There's nothing that is more insecure I could really even think of...

The polls totally expose just how many insecure Sony users are on this board , if it wasn't already apparent from the relentless posting and topic making. It's almost embarrassing to me - for you

Hit the nail on the head PERFECTLY
Hop out like POOF, H52va out the roof. 873 424 cuz five-duece

User Info: archibald3

3 years ago#152
Delta_F14 posted...
Up-scaled 1080p is much worse than standard 1080p, but I shouldn't expect any of you plebs to know this. The xbone can only do 30 fps and 1080p or ~60 fps and up-scaled 1080p.

I love this - your calling people plebs for not knowing things but here's the beauty ;

1) your either lying or you actually are the one who knows squat because there's a bunch of games that do 1080p 60 frames on the X1 , including Forza , FIFA, Tomb Raider etc. and it's a stupid point anyways as it's just launch and furthermore a bunch of games on the ps4 are only at 30 fps.
2) nothing says "pleb" like hanging out on a video game board of a system you don't even like or want. Don't you get that ? It pretty much qualifies you for universal
3) my console purchase has little to do with resolution and even less to do with what YOU personally think about ANYTHING

User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#153
Pixx0 posted...
mokmuud posted...
Pixx0 posted...
mokmuud posted...
How am I trolling when you are the one on a console board claiming PC gaming is better. Nobody here cares about steam sales or playing games released a year ago again on a different platform for no good reason

That's called freedom of speech. Again, educate yourself some more.
If nobody cares, why do console owners feel like they have to defend themselves when such topics happen?
Aren't you a nice little hypocrit heh?

And if nobody cares, why do I see so many whining about digital sales not being handled in the right way on PSN/360.

You might be a funny guy around your neighborhood, but here, you're just another troll yes.


You are the one who feels the to defend your platform of choice. Insecure much? Go back under your bridge.

your whining sounds more and more like some kindergarten fighting. What's next? "You're the troll cuz u said it first?"
Please, go on.

Who's whining?

Wow you don't make any sense.
Whatever helps you sleep at night.
PSN: Mokmuud live gamertag: Fumokmuud NNID: Mokmuud 3DS FC: 3222-6547-9539

User Info: NSGraphite

3 years ago#154
I'm not a ps4 owner yet. i'm waiting for the launch buyers to finish beta testing it for me.
I don't always Troll on the internet. But when I do, I make it the Xbox-One forums...

User Info: Caanimal

3 years ago#155
Ya'll are funny.

User Info: Virobot

3 years ago#156
blakmog posted...
Reassurance topic #96357393

User Info: Virobot

3 years ago#157
Delta_F14 posted...
lol @ you peasants, squabbling about on which console is better.

PC is da best.


User Info: Strakadh_OF

3 years ago#158
mv-dev-null posted...
Come in, look at poor people having to choose consoles and assure themselves the console they have with the dollars they scraped off their unemployment is the best one, and realize I have all 3. Keep laughing at other's misfortunes.

I thought of the same thing when I entered, good to see I am not the only distinguished man of wealth here.

I do tire of participating in the asinine verbal jousting that the worthless rabble infesting this site seem to love so dearly.

Perhaps you would like to visit my estate sometime? I have a wonderful life sized replica of the D-Day landings wrought in pure gold not too far from the safari grounds.
If you think you're good, I'm better than you, and if you're really good and know it, in most cases I'm still better than you. #dealwithit
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