got an xbox one....

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User Info: akolluru

4 years ago#1
i wasn't expecting this at all, my cousin just bought me one(day one edition) and im pretty hyped. I was gonna wait at least 2 years before i got a next gen and this happened.... so can anyone recommend any good co-op games and can someone also fill me in as to what the extra features are for the day one edition. Thanks

User Info: Rod1984

4 years ago#2
killer instinct and forza, dead rising 3 if system linked, call of duty I think, oh and lego marvel
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User Info: aszsith

4 years ago#3
The Day One has a nifty sticker on the included controller and an included QR code for a Day One Edition achievement. Otherwise, it is the same as every other one on the market currently.

As far as co-op games, Dead Rising 3 and Lego Marvel are my recommendations. Dead Rising 3 IS NOT local co-op though (not without a system link anyway). And of course there are always sports titles.
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User Info: Jim200

4 years ago#4
The controller has specially marked print on it indicating it's "Day One 2013" and also the D Pad is a shiny silver instead of a black of the regular controllers.

You get an xbox sticker and qr code for the day one achievement. And the box is nice and black and sleek.
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