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Xbox One bundle and game questions?

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User Info: ukemandwnbu

4 years ago#1
1) Do you think Microsoft will release Killer Instinct on disc sometime in the future, or have they directly stated that KI will be digital-only?

2) Do you think Microsoft will release a Titanfall-Xbox One bundle or a Halo 5-Xbox One bundle sometime in the future? Also, is there any grain of truth to the rumor that Microsoft will release a Kinect-less Xbox One?

I haven't yet bought myself an Xbox One, but I'm hopeful for maybe a bundle of some kind next year. Although, I'd be without next-now-current-generation gaming enjoyment in the meantime so that would suck. I definitely wouldn't like to wait until the Fall either. I was wondering these things just if anybody happened to have read or heard anything, or if they know what is customary for new console releases.

User Info: Millertime660

4 years ago#2
No clue about killer instict disc. I would assume they would start selling bundles soon, titanfall is probably the first game they would do this with. No one will know for sure until its announced so I dont think you will get much help from gamefaqs.

User Info: ukemandwnbu

4 years ago#3
Thanks for the reply, Millertime.

Also, I'd like to post one more time to bring this page up, since I realize I created it pretty late. I'm hoping Killer Instinct comes out on disc one day with all characters, modes, everything. And I would love an XO bundle with Titanfall. That or Halo.

User Info: aszsith

4 years ago#4
It wouldn't surprise me if they did eventually release a disc based Killer Instinct at some point. I'm guessing a reason why they haven't already is that the game still isn't finished. Once the rest of the modes and whatnot are added, a retail release seems possible.

As far as a Titanfall bundle, its possible, but we haven't heard anything about it yet. If we don't hear soon, I would say that isn't happening. A Halo 5 edition seems like a sure thing though since they've done one for just about every other Halo game.

Kinect-less XBOne? Not saying its not possible, but seems unlikely. Microsoft reversed their announced E3 plans pretty quickly after the backlash. They've been steadfast in saying that Kinect is an integral part of the system, so I wouldn't hold your breath. Even if one is released, it probably won't be any time soon.
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