Is Microsoft just better at getting consoles out to the general public?

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User Info: OZ_Archangel

3 years ago#31
itrainpokemon posted...
No ive seen the same xboxs laying in target and walmart for over a week. Obviously nobody wants them because the ps4 is better. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot by being anti consumerism and are now paying for it with their sales. Im happy to see microsoft not succeed because they are an american corporation who seeks to monopolize gaming.

This, even if Sony tried to monopolize gaming I wouldnt buy the ps4. How can I support a company that tried to introduce allllllll those policies, cash grabs etc etc. when a company is dumb enough to think stuff like that will be accepted by the public then they deserve to be punished. im still wondering how some of them still have jobs at MS, it hurt the company they should all be on the street looking to work elsewhere thats how bad they tried to run things sheesh
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User Info: Deviant11B

3 years ago#32
Where I work we get an insane amount of X1s over PS4. The Demand is equal, but when you get 50 xbox 1 and 5 PS4s you will have extra X1s just because you wont have 50 people looking to buy all at once.

User Info: godslayer61

3 years ago#33
dementedlullaby posted...
Coop14 posted...
Crysiania posted...
What a dumb topic, you could only say this if the demand for each product was the same, and we know for a fact it is not.

What a dumb post. Do you feel the need to be negative? Where is that bitterness and angst going to get you in life? Please, if you feel the need to be such a negative bitter filled individual then take your comments elsewhere.

No worries Coop, this board is awful. Everyone on this board has their panties in a twist.

MS has a better supply going. Sony can't keep up right now. You should be able to find the PS4 in a couple weeks though.

You can find Xbox systems because there not selling as good were the ps4 has been selling more in total and any new one's pushed out are sold or are still pre orders waiting to go out , so this topic is dumb because any adult that graduated would know this. Also Microsoft's supply looks better but it is false because people are not buying it like the ps4 so they have them in stock every were . On boxing day bestbuy and future shop had a ton of Xbox one's just look at the big picture instead of seeing a console and going they are keeping up with stock NO that is old stock that did not sell.
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User Info: WilkECoyote

3 years ago#34
PS4s are selling better than Xbox Ones, but I still think there is an issue on Sony's end.

My local Target has gotten 20 PS4s since launch. 10 were pre-orders, 6 were set out for a Sunday ad, and 4 were put on the shelf on Christmas Eve.

Xbox One had 14 pre-orders and a shipment of at least 8 consoles each week up to Christmas. I picked one up on launch week and those went off the shelf, and every shipment that went on the shelf was gone within a matter of minutes. This week, however, they've had at least 10 Xbox Ones and no one is buying them. I wouldn't count that to poor demand since I understand that there may not be a reason for people to buy one just yet, and everyone who wanted one to wrap for Christmas got one.

Having said all that, I remember when I was younger and never knew that the original PlayStation outsold the N64 3:1 because it didn't matter and I loved my N64.
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