Annoyance and a question..

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User Info: Gmoney-

3 years ago#1
Alright, so I own both consoles... I like my Xbox more for the TV stuff and the PS4 for gaming... Although Dead Rising 3 rocks.

Anyway, I really love going back and forth from TV, Netflix, Crackle, Twitch with the voice options... It's great.

The question is... Any clue when they'll get the one guide going in Canada? Has there been any word at all at all?

Annoyance is with Crackle... Why oh why when I use voice commands does the info and play/pause buttons not go away? I have to physically grab the controller and move the dpad around the rewind buttons and what not without actually clicking anything and it goes away.

Literally makes no sense... I'm sitting here trying to watch Last Action Hero... A movie from my childhood that was way ahead of its time with audiences and reviewers not understanding he a parodying famous action movies until it's actually told to you about half way through the movie.

Haha, anyway that's my rant and question.
The fire baby, it'll burn us both. Always....and never.
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