There are a ton of Xbox Ones in the wild...

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User Info: Swan3624

3 years ago#1
Is this something going on everywhere? Xbox One is suddenly available in hoards around my city! Best Buy had at least 15, Target had 4 that I knew of...

That's all the evidence I have, but I'm assuming if there were still an Xbox One crisis going on, it would be sold out everywhere.

Crazy! When did this happen? :D
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User Info: MetroidFan9999

3 years ago#2
Swan3624 posted...
Crazy! When did this happen? :D

When the holiday demand went away...
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User Info: chaotix42

3 years ago#3
These topics.
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User Info: TrickyPony

3 years ago#4
What crisis? The TC isn't making sense

User Info: Ellesarien

3 years ago#5
They are available because no one has bought one and they are failing miserably... we can just close the topic.
I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.

User Info: squarex8264

3 years ago#6
Xbox Ones were shipping to stores in large amounts during the holiday season. They are just continuing to do so, and since the major holidays are over, they are starting to accumulate in some stores.

But it seems that Microsoft has really learned from the launch of the 360 where they couldn't get any systems out to meet demand.
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User Info: Rome218

3 years ago#7
Two retailers I spoke to said they received a lot more Xbones.

We don't know who sold more, but I think they were both successful.

What we really need is official, first-month figures from Sony and Microsoft, but realistically we’ll probably have to wait until after Christmas (the inflated sales from the holiday period are just too juicy, as far as the PR and marketing departments are concerned). While Sony was promising a large second shipment of consoles before Christmas, it seems it never arrived. Over in the UK, a Sony executive says that it’s sending a steady stream of smaller shipments to retailers, which would explain why some stores show the PS4 in stock for a few minutes/hours, before quickly selling out. Again, though, without hard data from Sony or Microsoft, we can only really guess at the situation in the US and the rest of the world.

I think this problem happened in America, too.
It may be selling better, but both systems are doing well.
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  3. There are a ton of Xbox Ones in the wild...

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