HDMI passthrough DOES affect video quality!!

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User Info: Dr Whoopass

Dr Whoopass
3 years ago#41
I have Verizon FIOS with a Motorola box and the passthru works flawlessly.

EDIT: I should say I am in the USA. Also I had set the box to be 720p because I had read about some issues but I went back to 1080i a while ago and it's fine. The only annoying thing is a lack of 5.1. but that should be patched soon and I imagine the UK 50hz issue will be as well.
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User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#42
Ellesarien posted...
Laylow12 posted...
jim200 posted...
Isolate it.

Is it a certain provider that is doing this? Comcast, AT&T, Verizon FIOS, etc?

Is it a certain plan of TV that is doing this? Complete package vs basic package? etc?

Is this on all types of TVs? My Vizio E550i doesn't degrade, do others like the samsung?


That's all stuff Microsoft should have done before releasing the XBOX ONE - not the consumer.


Yes...MS is in charge of internet speeds of all the different providers in all countries.

C'Mon Laylow...We all know you live to be anti-MS but all this idiocy does is point out how foolish YOU ARE...not MS.

So you're saying that Microsoft wasn't aware of Internet speeds of all the different providers in all countries and released something that only functions in certain areas but is sold to everyone? Hows that any better? hint: its not.

Again, its not the end users fault, or the cable companies. They paid their $500 and they should get a working product, not something that only works in certain areas.


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User Info: roperpoker

3 years ago#43
I have the same problem, based here in the UK - was really looking forward to having everything running through the Xbox. I'm with Sky and the picture was just whitewashed, really disappointing and I've had to take the cable out and go back directly though the telly.

There's topics on both SKY and Xbox forums but MS have stayed quiet - scumbags.
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User Info: mike468

3 years ago#44
You know I thought it was a novel feature at first, but I though the image quality looks slightly worst, plus just the fact you have to run your XBO just to watch cable and the slew of problems that creates: extra electricity use, system overheating unnecessarily (it has been stated that some games like Killer instinct, actually suffer from performance issues when the XBO has been running for a long time) . So I actually unhooked my cable from the XBO pass through and just use a direct connection to the tv now.
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User Info: swaggernaut

3 years ago#45
I just got my One today and no sound and picture were showing from cable box to xbox. Then I switched the hdmi cable AT&T gave me to one I bought with gold tips and it worked. But navigating was too slow for me and the xbox doesn't play recorded shows so I just unhooked it. My AT&T uverse cable box already records my shows and is way better anyway.
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