Why will people drop $500-$1200 at the drop of a hat on a new phone or tablet...

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User Info: StReality

3 years ago#41
Chanco posted...
This is a dumb thread.

Many phone users (certainly here in the UK) don't pay for their phone up front, they get it as part of their mobile contract, so that £500 purchase price is spread over the 1-2 years of the phone contract.

According to various reports I've read, most mobile phone gamers are women, playing games such as Candy Crush. Doesn't surprise me that the demographic who don't tend to be heavily into games consoles (with it's very testosterone fueled games) like the quick pick up and play nature of casual mobile phone gaming.

My sister has absolutely no interest in console gaming but spends all her free time (at home) playing things like Farmville and Angry birds on her tablet. Games that she didn't have to pay £40-£50 for, because they were free!

My nieces have got a Wii but they don't use it anymore because they prefer using their tablets. They love things like Farmville and Candy Crush. Not only that they record each other mucking about (they're only 10 and 12) with their tablets and this entertains them almost as much as playing games. They also use their tablets for skyping their friends (and before anyone says you can Skype on XBone, you can only Skype other XBone users).

The key thing with my nieces is that they either use free ad driven games or the low, low price of mobile games (only £1 or £2 generally) means that they can afford games on their pocket money. Strangely they prefer those quick, cheap pick up and play games and don't have the money for console games.

The other key thing is that phones and tablets don't require the user to get permission from the rest of the household to use unlike a games console. Don't forget that MS don't want the XBone in peoples bedrooms (the traditional home of gaming), they want XBone to be the centrepiece of the living room. By MS's definition the XBone is to be used in the shared living space which means you gaming is going to have to wait if everybody else in the house wants to watch TV. Meanwhile the user playing on their phone or tablet is like "yeah, whatever, put what you want on".

Good points, but you can use Skype on the Xbox one to chat to non-Xbox users, I do it all the time.
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User Info: Chanco

3 years ago#42
StReality posted...

Good points, but you can use Skype on the Xbox one to chat to non-Xbox users, I do it all the time.

My bad, I've not bothered looking at the Skype side of things on Xbox as I use my laptop for that. I read in the pre-launch pre-reviews that Skype was Xbox to Xbox only, which was why I didn't bother setting it up.
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User Info: R_Jackal

3 years ago#43
Because jobs is the long and short answer.

If you have a job that requires any sort of networking, a smartphone/tablet is more a cost of convenience in every regard--plus it doubles as entertainment.

I don't think the workplace for most people would be too accepting of someone lugging any game console in and hooking it up to their workstation's monitor.

User Info: fan360

3 years ago#44
Have you checked the downloadable game price on xbox live?
They are more expensive than the store.

Why should I support a greedy company?

User Info: zinsindetta

3 years ago#45
Oddly enough my phone cost 71 dollars a T-Mobile. However I bought the Xbox One new for 500.
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User Info: G-Ziss

3 years ago#46
Which tablet costs $1200? The most expensive ipad is $929 and not many people need that version.
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User Info: Donomega

3 years ago#47
My Tablet was only $200. Guess I am poor. The only reason I won't drop $500 for an XboxOne is because I dropped $400 for a PS4, and my wife wont let me get an Xbox :(

User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

3 years ago#48
3DO launched at $699
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User Info: Viet0ne

3 years ago#49
Phones that cost more than the Xbox One do significantly more than the Xbox One ever will.

An Iphone, Android Phone, and windows phone has more features and will always have more features than an Xbox One.
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User Info: gohoanq

3 years ago#50
All about advertising. You can make people buy the dumbest crap.. even attack each other over it.. as I've seen countless times, if you advertise it enough/the right way. People stand in line for days to get the new version of a tablet or phone.. then 6 months later do the same thing spending $200 more because it's slightly smaller and does 2 more things than the one they own.. lol They think it's worth it though because the ads told them it is.
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