Need some advice. Just got back into console gaming.

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User Info: Tentanman

3 years ago#1
So lately all i've been doing is work, school, and some pc gaming on the side. Usually games like smite, dota, and warframe. I've missed the convenience of jumping online with a mic and entering a room full of randoms, making friends, enemies, killing people online.

So, i bought an xbox one. I looked at both systems, but when it came to online play i always sided with xbox because i liked the exclusives a little more and the menus. I'm a huge gears fanatic and i love halo.

So right now all i own is peggle 2, Killer Instinct, and for the girlfriend Just Dance 2014.

When it comes to racing games i love burnout. Its my favorite series. That being said, i have never played Forza and disliked the early ps2 need for speeds. So, between rivals and forza 5, which one is worth trying?

As for COD and BF4, i've played both series before. What i want to know is which one really brings a new feeling on the next gen console? I stopped playing COD really after the first black ops and with battlefield the only one i truly got into online was bad company.

I guess another question is for single player. Assassin's creed or Dead Rising? I absolutely adored dead rising 1 and 2. I hear 3 is very, very different. As for assassin's creed, i got burnt out from the first, enjoyed 2 and brotherhood, and really wasn't a huge fan of 3. Does 4 finally have enough variety that i won't feel like i'm just going from point a to b doing the same tasks?

Thank you for all your input!

Forza 5 or Need for speed?
COD or BF4?
Dead Rising or Assassin's?

User Info: Arcadia12

3 years ago#2
i wouldnt get BF4 or COD ghosts, there exactly the same as the older games with just minor changes. Buying a console this early with terrible launch games was a waste of ur $600, shoulda waited till a halo,gears,titanfall release. Thats what im doin

User Info: elbarto1

3 years ago#3
Forza is a sim like gran turismo.
Rivals is much more Arcady like burnout. I also want a new burnout.

BF4 trumps ghosts in every way IMO. Ghosts is the same old same. BF feels next gen w 64players and better visuals.

I haven't played ac4 but have heard good things. dead rising 3 is pretty fun.

Forza Dr3 and ryse are on sale at best buy and amazon for $39.99 now.

User Info: weAREtheB0RG

3 years ago#4
I'd buy Forza and wait for Titanfall for my FPS needs if I were you. I can't comment on the last of your questions since I've not played either of those games yet.
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