Ryse worth 39.99?

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User Info: billman1000

3 years ago#1
Should I get it?
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User Info: OverLordChaos

3 years ago#2
It's 5 hours long with no point in replaying it and multiplayer sucks.

User Info: weAREtheB0RG

3 years ago#3
I haven't played it, but from all the impressions I've read about it I would wait. Its a game I want to play, but I feel like it will drop price even more soon enough.

User Info: RatedAO

3 years ago#4
I bought it at that price, it was worth it at that price for me. Ive been playing games for years.
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User Info: BushidoEffect3

3 years ago#5
More like 3.99

OverLordChaos posted...
It's 5 hours long with no point in replaying it and multiplayer sucks.

Better off buying food tc.
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User Info: bessy67

3 years ago#6
I think it's worth it. The campaign is short (probably 7ish hours) but I'll probably replay it on legendary difficulty and try and get all the collectibles that I missed. I'm also really enjoying the multiplayer; I was a huge fan of ME3 multiplayer and this kind of reminds me of that.
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User Info: billsfanno1

3 years ago#7
Ryse is a great game. My favorite launch title (I have 11 launch window games) and the one that I will keep to play over and over this gen. If you get it, be sure to download the SmartGlass companion as it offers a lot of great information about how to play the game. Also check out the PDF book that is linked in the companion, it is a coffee table book that has even more tips on how the developers envisioned the game being played. You can just grind through the game quickly on an easy difficulty, but the game really becomes great when you play a higher difficulty, learn to use the D-pad incentives, learn to anticipate executions and learn to use focus.

User Info: ZeroCool000111

3 years ago#8
i had it & it wasnt that great. wait for it to drop closer to $20.
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User Info: billman1000

3 years ago#9
Guess Ill wait then!
Pittsburgh Penguins 27-11-1 MAF BLOWS!
New England Patriots 11-4

User Info: elbarto1

3 years ago#10
Its visually impressive.
The story/setting is interesting (to me).
The combat is fun in an Arkham kind of way but is repetitive.
The game design feels very dated. For instance once you hop over a log or wall you can't go back, there are invisible walls everywhere even though your guy should be easily able to climb the rock or cart or wall in front of him.
I am happy I paid $39 and not $59 but $20-$30 sounds more like right.
I see why it gets a ton of flak but I'm enjoying it so far.
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