is "halo" coming out. this year?

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User Info: TheMeanRock

3 years ago#21
MVNeo posted...

"Rest assured your next Halo journey WILL begin in 2014"

This is not at all confirmation...

This could mean a few things.

A. A new Halo game will actually release in 2014
B. A new Halo game is slated for 2014 (we shall see)
C. Something Halo related to "start your journey" will release in 2014.

I would be pretty surprised if a full on Halo is released in 2014, and even more surprised if that new release was anything more than upscaled last gen graphics. I would think they need alot more time... of course being wrong about something like this is always better than being right.
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  3. is "halo" coming out. this year?

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