For the love of god guys....

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User Info: Curbdog51

3 years ago#52
I guess if you've already played and beat every game out for that system........might as well troll the XBox forums!
GT : Curbdog

User Info: Snake855

3 years ago#53
godslayer61 posted...
That_Damn_Kid posted...
Trolls have nothing better to do than to ruin the boards here.

So I am a troll because I am upset that we did not get 60% of the stuff that they promised at launch butt that's ok to let companies do that right . I call bull $^%& on this post because the ps4 is way smoother and the games all run better plus I have never been kicked back to the operating screen on my ps4 but on the Xbox one it happens every day . The Xbox one is good but as it stands it is a mess compared to what was promised at launch , Also for me it comes down to games and the x1 only has deadrising 3 that is good and max the rest are boring . to each his own but I must respond when I read such a fan boy topic I am sure you never owned a ps4 at best probably played a friends .

Sorry but the ps4 is notorious for booting people back to the home screen when an error occurs *cough bf4 cough*

I've owned the One for a month now and this hasnt happened to me once :P
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