Xbox one regrets so far

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User Info: mrpic

3 years ago#1
Ok so on launch i bought Xb1 with 2 pads and 3 games

cod ghosts (my rating 6/10 best yet of a stale franchise)
AC4 (competitor with ac2 for best of a solid franchise but multiplayer is meh and its boring after the story is done 7/10)
Bf4 (glitchfest very annoying to get a game - but when you do its sheer bliss gaming wise the best shooter on consoles so far 8/10)

since then i have purchased lots of dlc

peggle (7/10 addictive and fairly fun regardless of age ect)
killer instinct (7/10 actually very fun and imo overlooked)
powerstar golf (7/10 good but lacks online multiplayer and has an annoying unlock system)
halo spartan assault (4/10 just meh single player Meh multiplayer Meh if they tried any less with this game it would be smash tv without the comedy and gore and everything good about smash tv)

and so far im in a kind of mild regret

the only game i really like that i bought retail is Bf4 and while the dlc and the game itself are great its really a mess to play atm

so i ask is there a hidden gem im missing that eclipses what i have so far on xb1 if so please tell me what it is

User Info: BlazingxPaddles

3 years ago#2
I hated Ghosts at first. But, once I learned the maps and where the campers like to hide, the game became a lot better. The campaign was enjoyable as well.

But, your complaints are those of any early adopter of a new console. It could be worse- just look at the WiiU's first year of mediocrity.

User Info: mrpic

3 years ago#3
traded in

cod (bought for 55£ traded in for 30£)
ac4 ( bought for 49£ traded in for 32£)

i regret buying them at launch

User Info: dnmt

3 years ago#4
Dead Rising 3 is supposed to be pretty good. That's about it.

User Info: MicroSheridan

3 years ago#5
bf4 best shooter on console LOL that game is a wreck ANY previous battlefield game and a ton of other beat it out I give it a 3/10 by far the most broken game I've ever purchased in 20 years of gaming I've never played a game so broken.

User Info: hey_benji

3 years ago#6
im' feeling a bit of regret also.

i traded in my 360 towards the purchase of xb1. it hurts a little to continue to see the xbox games with gold program releasing game after game on 360.

i love my xb1, but i feel i let go of the 360 too soon. the xb1 could have waited and i'd be enjoying lots more games on my 360 for the next 6 months - 1 year.

oh well.

User Info: MicroSheridan

3 years ago#7
I'm not just hating either I was so hyped for bf4 since e3 and have put probably over 300 hours into it on multiple platforms trying to love it but when it takes a solid 10+ minutes to get into a game on a good day just to rubber and and get disconnected that's not fun. On top of that it probably has the worse net code of any fps I've EVER played... I can 'to even really think of one that comes close.

User Info: MicroSheridan

3 years ago#8
but i don 't regret xboxone cause I'm not poor LOL

User Info: lato9905

3 years ago#9
Great post. Those are all games I've considered purchasing, the next two on my list is either forza 5 or DR.

Only purchased one game so far and it's battlefield 4.

User Info: Sorbetowulf

3 years ago#10
I bought Fighters Unleashed. I'm not proud.
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