any one think the xbox one games look better than the ps4 versions?

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  3. any one think the xbox one games look better than the ps4 versions?

User Info: cheezedadada

3 years ago#51
AceAndJunpei posted...

There's my Cheeze!

It's happening again! People think I worship Sony...set 'em straight!

I can in fact vouch for Ace haha. He has provided a fair share of criticism towards Sony in the past and the last thing I would say about him is that he worships Sony.
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User Info: 3HP

3 years ago#52
Developers WANTED games to run at lower resolution and/or framerate

Developers needed more time/money to make the games as good as the PS4

You cant tell the difference between 720p and 1080p

XB1 is harder to develop for and PS4 has already reached its limit

Some games run at 1080p so all games could if they really wanted to but they dont... i swear

Developers are lazy

esram is so good and it will make every game amazing in a year

This one multiplat is better than PS4 in this way

I dont want my games in 1080p anyway, 720p is fine for me

I dont need superior graphics

The specs are pretty much the same

The games all look the same

The games will look the same down the line

I cant tell the difference(i dont want to see the difference) so that means there is no difference

At least Ryse looks good in 900p even though its boring to play

Do i fit in now?

User Info: zorlaczerohero

3 years ago#53
SILENTGHOSTS96 posted...
3HP posted...
AceAndJunpei posted...
dabears4585 posted...
Im kinda new to this site but all the sony fanboys are in some serious denial or something i own an xbox one my brother has ps4 we both agree games look better on x1 but the sony fanboys will argue with stupid numbers that mean nothing,if u just look at both consoles running the same game in same room im sorry to say x1 looks better.also isnt Microsoft American made?sony not so much?i dont know i like buying american made

Lol, wow.

Probably the worst post I've read in ages.

Comparison videos are very clear in showing higher quality graphics on the PS4 versions of most multiplats.

Also, LMAO @ "derp I like to buy American!"

Guess what bub, that Xbox one is made in China.

Also, a lot of... uh, lets say not so sharp XB1 owners seem to think that having a forced filter that brightens every game and basically kills the picture quality somehow makes the games look better. If the developers wanted the colors to be that saturated they would have made the game that way and if you cant live without bright colors you can just adjust your TV. Too bad you couldnt turn the filter off even if you wanted to.

you sony fanboys are to poor and in denial the xbox one is better cause inovation ite next gen not because of graphics but what you can do on it no console ever had so you can play other consoles and hook up you cable through and how you can multitask sony boys are mad just because there beloved ps4 is a ps3.5 not a ps4 lol guess what guys we can party chat now just like the xbox 360 did 8 years ago thats next gen for ya
and hey lets make xbox look bad by removing our camera and getting rid of dmr that they were gonna do

I wish I could take back reading that. I can only say that the XB1 owners I know aren't actually like this. They seem to be generally normal. Please stop posting, it's sort of embarrassing.
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  3. any one think the xbox one games look better than the ps4 versions?

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