Battlefield 4 or Ryse?

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User Info: mike32_99

3 years ago#11
I'm leaning more towards BF4. I have looked at the page and it seems like it's not AS buggy as it was. I just don't want to beat Ryse in a few days, and then have it sit on a shelf. I'm still going to think about it. Maybe I'll even try FIFA. Thanks for the opinions everyone!

User Info: MetaIGearRex

3 years ago#12
Battlefield is amazing. 40ish people fighting over a control point is a spectacle to behold. Battlefield feels next gen more so than any other title, imo.

It has been rocky finding games but if you use the server browser NOT quickmatch you can get a game pretty easy. You might have to wait 5-10 minutes in a queue.
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User Info: nickr2d2

3 years ago#13
Battlefield 4
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User Info: studepaber

3 years ago#14
I own both and I'd say Battlefield 4. A month ago I wasn't even playing the game due to its online issues but now that things seem mostly ironed out it's all I'm playing practically. It still has a couple kinks ( occasional lag/rubberbanding) and sometimes it's hard to find an open server (you need to search for ones that have 1-10 open spots). Once you find a good one though it's a blast. Ryse is a great game too IMO, I still play a little multiplayer and single player is fun.

User Info: IChangedMyName

3 years ago#15
I would suggest BF4.

Ryse, while entertaining, is indeed a short game. I beat the game and, don't get mad, immediately told my friend that the game would have made a better movie than a game. I have to note I have not played anything other than campaign mode in the game.
I play a lil bit of everything on a lil bit of everything.
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User Info: Dark_Talec

3 years ago#16
Ryse is really fun and offers a limited but existent replay value. Executions are much more interesting when you read online how to foresee what button press before the game shows it - something the game SIMPLY DOESN'T teach you (X for sword-movements, Y for everything else).
I would be worried about BF4 because: 1) Reports of how broken it is right now and 2) We can't know for sure but there could be a mass migration to Titanfall in March (provided it isn't broken and is actually entertaining).

User Info: Doomhammer2187

3 years ago#17
I think you should get Battlefield 4. I have both and they are great. Ryse is REALLY short though. Battlefield 4 will give you more replay value. I am a BIG CoD fan and actually have not touched Ghosts since I bought BF4. I’ve actually got it on PC & Xbox One. My PC runs it on Ultra at 70-80 FPS which is freaking amazing.

A lot of my friends have it on Xbox so I’ve got it for that as well. The conquest battles are extremely fun because the map starts off being all nice and clean. Halfway through you’ll begin to notice the map is a complete mess (in a good way) with buildings that stood tall at the beginning now turned to rubble. You really get a feeling of war breaking out. You don’t rank up as fast as CoD, so there is a bit of a grind of you like that. The resolution is only displaying at 720p, so it does look better on the PS4. The game has had its fair share of issues. The biggest for me now is server queues, which you run into sometimes when attempting to join a server. You might have to wait 10 minutes or so before being able to join a game. Also, if playing with friends, there is no party system, which blows. You have to find a server with enough slots for all of you to join which can be a pain because they might end up on the other team.

Ryse is a great action game. Very easy though, more like an interactive movie. You are more likely able to pick this up used for half the price on craigslist or something. Great graphics and the multiplayer is fun as well. You can co-op with a buddy in an arena killing different enemies while the arena level constantly changes. Fun stuff, but you will get bored of this quicker than BF4.
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