6v6? 6v6?!?!

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User Info: tr3yarch

3 years ago#81
CKnight posted...
YUNGLEAN posted...
What I don't get is why, now that it's a headliner, does it make a difference? They've said on many gaming news sites that every gameplay trailer, demo, reveal, has shown 6v6. What we saw was amazing wasn't it? Made every person who owned an X1 pre-order it ASAP. So now that we "know" it's 6v6, all that amazement from the 6v6 trailers at E3 and etc. are out of the window lol. People are so simple, and without even playing the game! Every person who has gotten hands on time with the game has said nothing but good things about the combat engine, the feel of the controls, the styles of play that can be switched up instead of just being another run n' gun shooter. Yet we, the ones who haven't even touched the game, are already casting it off to the side because of "6v6". Amazing.

It's a big deal to some because it's an Xbox One exclusive, so it'll be picked apart no matter what.

People cry for innovation but what they want is the same thing they've been playing already, Titanfall isn't exactly 100% new but it's something a bit different on consoles aside from wall to wall military shooters with a Halo, Crysis or Killzone sprinkled in.

6 v 6 isn't bad considering a major focus is controlling giant Titans. That's not taken into consideration. Instead all we hear is why isn't it like Battlefield.

Personally I'm tired of BF and CoD and my Xbox One is collecting dust. I'm eager to jump into Titanfall.

But until then I'm playing Assassin's Creed series and Halo online.

It's not an Xbox One exclusive.

User Info: BDJayce

3 years ago#82
The "titans" can be put on auto-pilot.. i'm fairly sure that's where most of the 'player' space is going. 12 fairly large bots shooting at enemies is worth a hit to team size.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

3 years ago#83
rusty12000 posted...
We can only hope the PC version isn't so limited.

It doesn't really matter if it is. So long as the maps are designed for 6v6 players (as in they're not ghost towns like CoD: Ghosts) then that's all I ask for. If I want a higher player count, I'll load up BF4.
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User Info: Turbokk

3 years ago#84
6vs6 is mind blowingly awesome!

User Info: CyborgTwenty

3 years ago#85
6v6 lmao

User Info: leelee3105

3 years ago#86
pwnater777 posted...
krystyla posted...
userfrigginame posted...
ExempliGratia posted...
userfrigginame posted...
Kinda sad for a multiplayer-only game.

What does it being a multiplayer only game have to do with them making it 6v6 for balance sake?

What exactly do you mean by balance?

They said they tried having up to a few dozen players at once and it didn't work for the game, not performance wise.

Uhm, shouldn't a high-power next gen console like the Xbox One be able to run something like that? 12v12, I mean.

youre really that dense huh
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

3 years ago#87

User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#88
CyborgTwenty posted...

Reassurance post.

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User Info: Goatthief

3 years ago#89
Next gen should be held to ab higher standard than just six vs. six plus a whole lot of bots.
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