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User Info: regs8376

3 years ago#21
Shik_stick posted...
Dont listen to the idiot fanboys. The DS4 is great,much better than the DS3 and Xbox control.

I would say go with th PS4, its just a better console in all areas. More exclusives out now and more planned, better multiplats, better party system and online service, much better UI, MUCH faster download and install times, a great selection of free games and apps and doon we will have Playstation Now which is a streaming service that will eventually have access to majority of Sonys games from previous consoles.

Its just a MUCH better deal for your money.

Saying not to listen to the fanboys and you come off sounding like a complete fanboy. I agree with most of your points but some are just subjective. The controller, which one is better, is completely subjective to the person using it. Better online service is subjective although I do think the ps4s party system is better than how the X1 handles it at this point it time. The ps4 does not have more exclusives out right now either, unless you are counting bs like flower. Contradicting yourself in one sentence is something special, even for these boards.

User Info: MRL3G3ND

3 years ago#22
I went to the xbox one for the same reasons... I don't like the ps controller, and my friends are on live.

The ps4 maybe superior...but that doesn't change the fact that the people who I game with every night, or the controller is not offered in that superiority.

With that said.. the XB1 plays games...whether better or worse I couldn't tell you because I don't have a ps4 to compare it to side by side.

I feel the console is unfinished... a lot of the functionality from xb360 is missing...which makes things we were used to for years difficult or plain undo-able

I feel like all the pieces are on the table and the early adopters have to endure this period where they finish assembling their console..

but it plays games
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User Info: BigTlovesBEER

3 years ago#23
Shik_stick posted...
Dont listen to the idiot fanboys. The DS4 is great,much better than the DS3 and Xbox control.

Sir, I am NOT an idiot fanboy. I have both consoles and like both of them about the same depending on what game I'm playing.

My criticisms of the DS4 should not be dismissed. The controller is EXTREMELY inconsistent froma manufacturing standpoint but people keep tossing it aside as "Fanboy" bs when it's a fair criticism. I own TWO DS4 controllers. The one that came int he box has a slight problem with the triggers and the buttons sticking just a bit. Other people have reported this problem, but again, it's dismissed as fanboyism. Check Amazon reviews if you don't believe me.

Now MOST Ds4s don't have this problem but enough do that it should be noted.

Also, even with perfect functionality the resistance is a little weird and for me personally the x1 controller simply feels better.

User Info: CapwnD

3 years ago#24
Do you enjoy the Xbox 360 exclusives or the PS3 exclusives? If I had to make a choice, it would be obvious for me.... I would take the Xbox exclusives.

If you're looking solely at online functionality, neither new console really stands out. But MS has the track record of having the better online experience.
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