So Microsoft admits the Xbox One isn't geared primarily toward gamers.

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User Info: Enigma149

3 years ago#61
TheHunger82 posted...
Playstation Now does sound sweet but unlike yourself, I was put off buying a ps4 purely because of the attitude of the Sony fanboys who just couldn't leave the X1 board alone.

Pretty much every other post was and still is made by a Sony fan who has no intention at all to buy an X1. You would think they would be busy playing their new gaming console. I know I would.

The mind boggles.

I admit, I still haven't made up my mind as to which system I'm getting, but this is definitely playing a role.
"The winner is the gamer who gets to play all of the games, and the game developer who is recognized for the great games they made." -Retroxgamer0

User Info: Rybal

3 years ago#62
bessy67 posted...
ElPolloDiablo87 posted...
bessy67 posted...
So wait, Sony starts going into the two biggest things people hated about the Xbox One reveal (tv tv tv! and the cloud) but the Sony fans just gobble that up even after they've been trolling the Xbox One for that stuff for months?

lol, right? Did I imagine it or did Sony just spend the entirety of CES talking up Playstation TV and Playstation Now? MS talks about TV and cloud and the Sony fanboys have a conniption fit, but Sony talks about the same thing and they all swoon.

No you did not imagine it, that is exactly what Sony's CES was focused on. But TC and other Sony fanboys know it and can't refute it so they just ignore this point in order to continue their TVTVTV!!! and lol cloud trolling.

MS spent their REVEAL focused on TV - their chance to introduce their brand new product to the world was overwhelmed by TV and Sports.

Sony mentions TV for all of 5 minutes during their E3 conference and talks about their apps during CES (which is not really gaming oriented) and you consider those equivalent? Is TV the priority of the X1? No - gaming is very important to the system. However, coming out of the gate talking about TV, TV, TV, Sports . . . sets up an image that is difficult to overcome. A year from now, however, people won't even be talking about that and the X1 is likely to be praised over the functionality that it delivers, especially if MS is able to lock in another exclusive deal with HBO GO.

As for cloud, MS's big problem is that they never said how they were going to use it, other than Drivatars - they were always very vague. Playstation Now, though it uses cloud technology, is an actual application of that technology that people can get behind. Sony could still stumble mightily if they put the price too high or if they don't have the library to support whatever price they set.

MS's biggest problem with a lot of these issues is that they never convinced people of how the policies would be to the benefit of the consumer. They also never anticipated that people might not have perfect connections and belittled those who voiced their issues with those policies. MS could actually have kept their DRM policies with little to no outcry had they simply allowed for disk-based authentication when the internet was not available.

Face it - Sony marketed their product better. Whether it is a better product is up to each individual and there isn't technically a "right" answer because it is a subjective statement. MS needs to figure out how to convince consumers that they want those features that would otherwise seem intrusive. Until then, they are never going to completely overcome the negativity.

As for the article itself, MS is right that these consoles are not just about the games. Even looking at the last generation, both the PS3 and 360 had apps that were not related to gaming. That doesn't mean that those are the priorities.
To all trolls (and those that are tired of the trolling) -
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User Info: HiddenRoar

3 years ago#63
realyoshdawg posted...
I know I'm late to the party but everyone at MS is a genius when it comes to the One. Traditionally, you could call me a Sony fanboy but in all honestly I use my One a lot more than the PS4. Why? Because it's always on. When I'm watching TV, when I'm using Hulu, when I'm using Netflix, etc. It's always on and all I have to do to switch between these apps is open my mouth and tell it what to do. I don't have to pick up my TV remote and switch inputs. It's all right there. So, when it comes to which system I'm going to buy most of my games for, which do you think will win in the long run? Probably the Xbox One, because right after I'm done watching a movie on Netflix I can just tell Kinect, "Xbox, go to Titanfall". And it just happens.

So try to trash Microsoft all you want. The fact is the machine is the most convenient device I've ever owned when it comes to my entertainment/gaming needs.

TBONE_OG posted...


You don't own an Xbox One.

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