Realistically, when can I expect a kinect-less model?

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User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
3 years ago#41
Superman070776 posted...
For the young kids, here is a quick history lesson in video games.

Instead of being patronising and insulting, why not get an adult to explain to you that just because you like something, does not mean anyone else who doesn't like that thing is an idiot or a whiner. People are free to like or dislike what they choose, even if (shock) their (sometimes well thought) opinions differ from yours.
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User Info: jjg737

3 years ago#42
I think never. But hopefully it will have a price drop soon.

User Info: Troll_Directory

3 years ago#43
Tenzhi posted...
Superman070776 posted...
How many Xbox One games have you played using Kinect?

Given the nature of both motion and voice controls one does not necessarily need specific experience to know that one does not like them. I do not like giving voice commands. Period. Regardless of the device I'm interfacing with at the time. I prefer the economy of movement and precision of a button press to a larger arbitrary gesture. Period. Regardless of the device I'm interfacing with. I do not like it in the house. I would not like it with a mouse. I will not speak or wave my hand. I hate Kinect, dear Superman.
that's understandable. on the other hand, when I'm watching tv, it's not logical to reach for wherever the remote is, and change tv inputs, and boot up my console, and navigate menus with more than one button press, when i can simply say, "xbox, go to nfl." or, "xbox, go to netflix." or, "xbox, go to peggle 2." perhaps the best use, is sitting down with a snack or hearing the phone ring and immediately saying, "xbox, pause." or, "xbox, mute." without any need for button presses at all. same goes for arriving home at night, and saying, "xbox on." to light up the whole living room.

User Info: atomicjuicer

3 years ago#44
August 2014 I reckon

User Info: notjustin

3 years ago#45
you see the out side kinect and want it gone. but the insides of the xbone are build around useing the kinect they'd have to remake there system or it would of been droped already after that beating they took befor the systems came out

User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#46
Cosmic_Diabetic posted...

If this is true, M$ isn't getting any of my money for that console. I'm willing to buy one, but not with the government camera coming with it.

Side note - I played an Xbox One at a kiosk in the mall yesterday, and dear lord, Forza was awful. I loved the series up 'til now, but either they screwed up the game so badly that the cars can almost not turn at all, or the analog sticks were just worn to hell. Either way, that gave me a horrible first take on the latest entry of what I thought was a spectacular series. I'd need to wait for more exclusives if I was going to buy a Kinect-less console.
"That's NASCAR tactics."
"Opinions are like magnets, nobody knows how they work." - Foppe

User Info: SnoicFactor

3 years ago#47
If it happens, I don't see it coming out til after like 5 years.. It'll be some budget version with huge limitations perhaps. Like Wii mini.
(message deleted)

User Info: EGMRULZ

3 years ago#49
Probably in about one to two years when MS is under pressure by Sony for reducing the price of the PS4. I guarantee you that will be what causes a kinect-less system offering. Until that time comes, MS has no incentive right now to introduce a kinect less model.
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

3 years ago#50
kyncani posted...
TheGam3925 posted...
ElPolloDiablo87 posted...
I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. I could see a $50 price drop for the 2014 holiday season, but you won't see a kinectless model for a long time (maybe never).

Coming from the guy who said Killzone is only 7 vs 7.

Yeah, you'll probably see a Kinect-less Xbox One sometime this year.

Really doubtful. If it ever comes it more than likely won't be this year.
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