Finally my first 1000g on an Xbox One game.

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User Info: MasterSword546

3 years ago#21
eddy_cocaine posted...
MasterSword546 posted...
Saying you 1000'd sounds so much worse than say I Platinum'd. Doesn't flow nearly as well, either.

Cool story bro. Go back to your basement and listen to some Taylor Swift.

Lol, what an insult. Trying to use something against me that I freely post in my sig. That's cute.
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

3 years ago#22
aheroafake posted...
Dead Rising 3 is the first game that I got all achievements for. I'm currently working on AC IV: Black Flag. I'm currently just working my way up the leaderboards in the game. I'm in the top 200 in all of the leaderboard categories. I'm trying to make it in the top 10. But I hate that it has multiplayer achievements though. Bugs the crap outta me when games have those. I also hate how there isn't a way for someone to tell if you have all of the achievements for a game if it has DLC that contain achievements.

Yeah, don't think I'm going to 1,000 AC4 either. I could do the getting to level 55 once, but they want you to use every ability and ranged weapon and if I'm not mistaken some of those require you to prestige then hit high levels again. I simply don't want to do that,
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User Info: eddy_cocaine

3 years ago#23
IdTheDestroyer posted...
eddy_cocaine posted...
IdTheDestroyer posted...
I'm gonna get 1000gs in Peggle 2 soon. Bought it a little over 24 hours ago and already have 600+gs in it.

Don't get ahead of yourself buddy. Getting all the optionals in peggle 2 is a challenge and a half.

I'm at 825gs now. Got up to a little over 90 optionals done last night before I got off. Very doable. Gonna take some time though since I seem to get stuck for a bit every few levels.

Very much agree. I am stuck with 2 optionals left in the entire game. I play for an hour or so each day. Just can't get them.
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User Info: Garbage_Day

3 years ago#24
I got 1000 on LEGO: Marvel, but it was the 360 version. Wish I would've waited to get the One version but, at the time, didn't think I was going to get an XBox One. Oh well. Of the games I currently have, Peggle 2 seems to be the only one that's doable.
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