Is it worth owning PS4 + X1 combo?

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User Info: The_DOAM

3 years ago#41
blundermine posted...
sjc1279 posted...
1st or 2nd? are you kidding me? Wii U had 1year advantage and PS4 already surpassed Wii U in just 2month after launch and X1 will surpass Wii U soon. There won't be anymore 3rd party games for Wii U when devs stop porting Nextgen games to ps3,360.

So? If you have a PS4 or XB1 would you buy the multiplatform games for Wii U anyway? If you're going to get a Wii U, it's for Nintendo games.

Exactly and a 1 year lead advantage against who their not competing with the ONE or the PS4 their on their own timeframe. The sheer fact their the number one pick for a secondary console also assures future sales. People are still getting used to their first consoles.

Furthermore for the other sjc1279 if it wasn't for the Wii U you wouldn't even have the ONE and the PS4 right now. The PS3 and 360 were just now breaking even and making a profit per system sold they had a good 2-3 years of profit earnings before starting the next gen. However Nintendo was the only one of the three consoles last gen not to tote the practice of future proofing and followed the standard console cycle they started the gen sooner than what Xbox or Sony would've wanting hence the year.

Once again Nintendo does their own thing they are not in competition with anyone as no one offers anything similar to them in both genre or gameplay. If their not someone's first pick they are generally the second and that assures greater sales in the long term than the others. None of this matters because their not in competition unlike the PS4, PC, and the ONE which have to prove they are the best machines for third party software. As people only need one machine to play third party games. Pretty sure he still won't understand any of it though......................
Ignorance is Bliss...

User Info: Mr_Killstreak

3 years ago#42
I use my X1 for Killer Instinct, I use my PS4 for everything else.

User Info: A_Hollow

3 years ago#43
CKnight posted...
A_Hollow posted...
I own both aswell, but I picked them both up for dirt cheap. The exclusives on BOTH right now are forgettable games anyway, the good games are multiplat at moment, titanfall is around the corner but I expect it to be mostly hype, I personally want to play Destiny and Watch Dogs.

You may want to go into games more open minded. You expect Titanfall to be mostly hype because your easily influenced by others.

Do you think Infamous Second Son will be mostly hype?

Titanfall will be hype, most likely because of IW lack of attention to MW2. They didn't care about the players feedback and left it to die.

Infamous is a game I call GENERIC. Reason being, I played a game called Prototype, after around 1-2 hours, it felt repetitive, shallow and 'gimmicky'. I played Infamous for a short time too and did not get into it, it's just generic in ways that annoy me. Kind of like the two main characters in Killzone 3 in SP campaign *CRINGE*.

Unless Infamous 2 scores a 9.3 or something, I won't touch it.

User Info: MichaelWStevens

3 years ago#44
Right now? Meh.

A year from now? Yes.
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