killer instinct for the xbox one is free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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User Info: bLiNdSnIpErZ20

3 years ago#11
lunchboxattack posted...
i'll let you know as soon as the download is finished. it's a 3.25 gb game, it says get it free so i imagine its just a free game now.

You can only play as one character and you can't unlock achievements until you buy something.
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User Info: MajorPoopStorm

3 years ago#12
lunchboxattack posted...
don't believe me, go look on your xbox one for yourself :)

Did you say free???
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User Info: TMOG

3 years ago#13
It's "free" in the same way League of Legends is "free."

You technically can play the game without spending a dime on it, but you won't get any more than one character to play as at a time. If you like that character when they take him/her/it off the free rotation, you have to spend money on them, or you're stuck with whoever the next free character is, and it could be somebody you utterly despise playing as.

Difference being that LoL has the IP system so you can earn in-game currency to buy that character when they're taken off the free week rotation, so you can still not spend a single dime on the game and still play the characters you enjoy. As far as I know, Killer Instinct doesn't offer anything like this, making it "free" rather than free.
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  3. killer instinct for the xbox one is free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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