To some, the Xbox brand stands for something soulless. But for Sega fanboys...

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User Info: Kabuto_Y

3 years ago#11
Sega never said that they wanted to abolish ownership of purchased software. Microsoft did.
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User Info: Kolanifv

3 years ago#12
The info on Kinect being developed by the Israeli military came from Apple tech blogs. In reality, Kinect had been shopped around European tech shows for several years when Microsoft finally picked it up. It may have been developed by ex-Israeli military, but that's everybody over the age of 25 in Israel, it's not a statement of being apart from everyone else like it is in the US.

Also, Microsoft didn't exactly help Sega out. There's a general sentiment from Sega fans that Microsoft got in without spending money, found out how to run a console, promised Sega developers preferential treatment and left the Dreamcast hanging.

User Info: Troll_Directory

3 years ago#13
yep. thanks to peter moore, i bought the original xbox on launch day so i could play the sequel to metropolis street racer, and soon after, the remake of jetsetradio.

User Info: deadmarv

3 years ago#14
SigmaLongshot posted...
Yes, I'm aware that, as the youngest of the "Big Three" when it comes to console gaming, Microsoft is often undermined and overlooked. And as they are, well... Microsoft, people can often assume they're just throwing infinity-money around as some kind of flagrant, frivolous amusement, that they're the least interested, the most hollow of the three.

However, if you are, like me, spiritually aligned to classic Sega, they are the ones you should resonate with (if you happened to know the history of the Xbox brand). In fact, Microsoft is actually the most amiable of the three companies, approaching everyone from Namco to Apple for mutual gaming endeavours before reaching an agreement with Sega.

When Sega was struggling to produce the Dreamcast, it was actually Microsoft who popped by with a cash injection and the use of DirectX/the new Windows CE software in order to get the machine off the ground (with Sega even admitting that the Dreamcast wouldn't have been possible without Microsoft's assistance). They shared tips on manufacturing, which went on to aid the production of the Xbox, which shared several aspects of Sega's machine.

When Sega's Dreamcast started to fail, thanks to the Xbox's similar internal architecture and software, Microsoft actually spoke with Sega with the intention of allowing Dreamcast games to be played on the Xbox. The only condition was that Dreamcast games could not use online functionality, since Xbox's new Xbox Live would not be completely compatible with Dreamcast's internet functions. Sega actually declined, bowing out with honour and stating they would not butcher their games or remove content just for the sake of piggybacking on Microsoft's machine. Neither company had any ill feeling towards the other with this decision, and kept a very friendly relationship (maintained to this day). In fact, Microsoft is closer to Sega than even Sony and Nintendo, which might surprise considering Microsoft is the only non-Japanese company.

Microsoft continue to maintain a neutral-to-friendly stance with many companies (hell, the Kinect was developed by the Israeli Military and Microsoft even allowed Apple to bid for it first, for goodness' sake).

So I suppose, though I've a lot of love and respect for Nintendo and Sony, as a Sega fanboy, I have nothing but the absolute respect for what could be termed the spiritual successor to the Sega console brand - the Xbox - and, by proxy, Microsoft itself.

A lot of the hatred towards something tends to be through ignorance, and I never hate ignorance; ignorance is merely the status of unknowing, and nobody can know everything. But knowing, but choosing to discard that knowledge because it doesn't bolster your own opinion or agenda? That's totally different. Microsoft are not ogres - they are Sega's cool cousin.

My hatred does not come from ignorance, but from the multiple bad experiences I've had with microsoft.

User Info: SigmaLongshot

3 years ago#15
My hatred does not come from ignorance, but from the multiple bad experiences I've had with microsoft.

If it's personal experience, then you've every right to feel the way you feel. I was referring more to the people who demonise the company just through generalisation and opposing propoganda, that's alll :)
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