Reason why titanfall is only 720p

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User Info: Aone1987

3 years ago#51
squarex8264 posted...
Aone1987 posted...
:( I dont realize that, bought callofduty on ps3. And only blackops versions, which are in 1080p native.

Actually, black ops on PS3 was far, far from 1080p native...

But knowing now that those games were sub-HD and upscaled, does it take away from how good you thought they looked at the time?

So when they put 1080p on the back of the case, that just means its scaled. That sucks

User Info: zack12369

3 years ago#52
HD is hd, lulz... Reassurance topic.
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User Info: A_Hollow

3 years ago#53
skermac posted...
Aone1987 posted...
Is there a reason why titanfall is only 720p.
Respawn(old callofdutypeople) are known for making there games run at 1080p 60fps. I thought with the ModernWarfare series. Why cut out the trend now?

I can tell the difference between the two. Some people cant which actually is understandable everyone vision capabilites are different.

720p is HD, what more do you want? HD is HD

720p is HD, but 1080p is BETTER HD.

Same applies to 2K, 4K, 8K, etc

And anyone who thinks the difference is marginal should see an optician.

User Info: assassin10133

3 years ago#54
DeadCeIIScout posted...
^and five hundred and ninety nine US dollars lol


Yes, but the PS3 actually sold horribly at that price, sales only took off after the price drop, which actually only happened after Activision threatened to stop making games for it unless Sony dropped the PS3 price if I remember correctly, that was actually kinda funny. But man it sold like hotcakes after they dropped the price.

User Info: XplodnPnguins92

3 years ago#55
xbone is too weak.

User Info: nickr2d2

3 years ago#56
Superman070776 posted...
When will the trolls leave? I played Battlefield last night and it looked great. Call of Duty looks great. TitanFall will look great. If you think you can tell the difference between 720 and 1080 without them being right next to each other, you are naive. Don't let the Ponies come in here and get everyone worked up. If they enjoyed their own console they would be in their forums talking about how great it is instead of coming here to grief people enjoying their console. We should pity and ignore them.
"You're using the wrong words to express your still incorrect thoughts" -Foxx3k
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