Those of you that can't tell a difference between 1080p and 720p

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User Info: koichi

4 years ago#51
I can tell the difference
I dont have a 1080p tv, but id i did i wouldnt care. I have a pc for high end gaming. A console is there for exclusives only.
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User Info: ReconXBL

4 years ago#52
archibald3 posted...
Look here`s a side by side comparison from Anandtech [a pretty reputable source] with a video that you can crank the resolution on your pc to really see the difference. I mean really ? Lets play games..

Why play games when we can nitpick over some lines on a screen?
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User Info: LEGEND_725

4 years ago#53
95% of people not on Gamefaqs will look at a game running like BF4 running at 1080p or 720p and say "wow they look great"
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User Info: aray48

4 years ago#54
Rome218 posted...
aray48 posted...
archibald3 posted...
BeefEaster posted...
it's close to a 100% difference actually since 1080 is twice the resolution of 720

LMAO You have no idea what your talking about !!!!!!

Yes he does. 1080p is a bit more than twice the number of pixels as 720p.

Here's a better, unbiased article from a reputable site.

That has nothing to do with my post. I am just saying that 1080p factually has more than double the pixels.

User Info: DamnEvilDog

4 years ago#55
CKnight posted...
scoobydoobydont posted...
I can tell the difference, I just don't care.

That's how most people are, most don't know a game can play at 900p. Or that any resolution exist between 480 and 720 and 1080.

Only the most anal of gamers argue and nit pick over it.

if I had never came to this board I would of never known Ryse was at 900p or that Forza was 1080 or Ghost was 720.

I always find it funny when people keep going on and on in the same dullard fanboy fashion even after things like what I get quoted are posted and are %100 correct.

I can tell a difference, I don't give a damn that the PS4 has more of anything, I just care about the games I am playing on the Xbox One.

Only casual non-gamers whine about stuff like this topic, grow up.

User Info: AzaneAzer

4 years ago#56
I don't have any vision problems, it's very noticable.

User Info: RaRitsujun

4 years ago#57
AzaneAzer posted...
If you cant tell the difference, you should probably buy glasses.

Upscaled 720 to 1080 isn't 1080, and again, if you can't see the difference, you need to check your vision, because 20/20 vision should be able to distinguish a 25% difference in visual quality.
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User Info: PoloMan6

3 years ago#58
Since you're posting this on the XBO board I will assume you're referring to the 720 vs 1080 Game
Resolution controversy.

Let me explain something to YOU.

If a game launches at 720p on one console and 1080p on the other, the difference in resolution is only a small part of the bigger picture.

Does 1080p with bad textures, shorter view distances, less anti-aliasing and washed out colours look better than 720p with better textures etc....

If you believe they are, then you are fooling yourself.

Devs are getting the games to look their best by trying different models, then selecting the one they prefer visually.

User Info: MetroidFan9999

3 years ago#59
"I got a 1080p television, I can't tell the difference"

So...why do you have a 1080p television, again?

You guys are hilarious.
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User Info: FinzFan4life

3 years ago#60
MetroidFan9999 posted...
"I got a 1080p television, I can't tell the difference"

So...why do you have a 1080p television, again?

You guys are hilarious.

Cause you cant really get a TV anymore that's not.

I got glasses mainly for driving to give me a little extra sharpness I do not play my games with them but cause my vision is barely enough to need them.

But like I said I play games to have fun not eye **** the resolution.

If the two similar games are running at diff resolutions but the lower one is better and funner then I choose that one.

Like someone else said a polished turd is still a turd.

One more thing and this is my opinion but Sony has only a couple franchises that are even good. God of war and infamous

So all their games can be 1080p but they will still have crap games
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