What Games are you getting this year?

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3 years ago#21
dj-izzle posted...
SILENTGHOSTS96 posted...
dj-izzle posted...
Smash 4
The Crew
Infamous SS
Watch Dogs
Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Minecraft PS4 edition
Wolfenstein the New Order
The Division*
The Order 1886

*If it doesn't release then I might get X or Bayonetta 2 depending on my backlog

does mk8 stand for mortal kombat?

Mario kart 8

ohhh okay i got you now lol

User Info: Chanfan02

3 years ago#22
Depending on college expenditures, hopefully I will be getting Halo 5, Titanfall, Quantum Break(if 2014), Division, Watchdogs, Witcher 3, and Dragon Age(if 2014.)
XBL: Chanfan02
PSN: JChanfan
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