Would you purchase KOTOR Anniversary Edition?

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User Info: Ironman06

3 years ago#11
TheCyborgNinja posted...
If it was both KotOR games, and 2 was finished, I'd drop $60. I still have the Xbox versions, so it'd take more than mildly better production values.

I like this idea, you could use it as a refresher right before the long related release of KOTOR III. (Wishful thinking but I guy can dream, can't he?)

User Info: stargazer1981

3 years ago#12
The first KotOR came out in 2003. We missed the 10-year anniversary window for an HD update release. Maybe we could get one for the 15th anniversary? That said, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#13
I would definitely buy an HD remake of Kotor and Kotor 2. The main reason would be because Kotor is a great game and it runs like crap using bc on 360.

No way Kotor 2 would come with the restored content mod though since you know, its a mod. Even though i have both games on Steam with the mod for 2 i would still buy an HD remake.
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User Info: aszsith

3 years ago#14
The Jackass posted...
aszsith posted...
I;m guessing there would be a licensing nightmare to get this done though now that Star Wars is owed by the Mouse House.

How so? Disney owns the rights to Star Wars and gave EA rights to publish games. EA owns Bioware which in turns owns the right to the original does it not?

Lucasarts would own the publishing rights to KOTOR and KOTOR II, not Bioware or EA.

After doing some additional research though, I think you're right that it shouldn't be problem after all. I originally thought that the dissolution of Lucasarts could be the issue, but apparently Disney only shuttered the development studio, not the publishing side.
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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#15
There is no "No" answer to this, everyone that posts say yes.
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User Info: garydavexxx

3 years ago#16
hell yes, I bought it for iphone a week ago. best 2.99 I ever spent
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User Info: CRASS5000

3 years ago#17
No I wouldn't. Not without a bunch of extra content.
I typically don't like remastered/remakes.

With movies at least there is some variation, different music, cast, etc...

I would rather they take a stab at making a sequel or something.
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User Info: Rome218

3 years ago#18
If they make it 16:9 then yeah. I own it for the Xbox and it is BC with 360.

I also had it on PC, it was like 3 discs. The only reason I did not like that version was no real widescreen support. I believe someone made a mod to address that, but it either messed up your minimap or map. I forgot which.

User Info: schmarkenheimer

3 years ago#19
No. I'd buy KotoR 3.
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User Info: TRC-G00SE

3 years ago#20
I played through the first one 3 times. Good, bad and then stayed right in the middle. It kept the allies guessing then at the last minute..."bam, sith lord b****". The last was the most fun.
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