Xbone outsold the PS4 in december...

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User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#11
You have just been Xboned.
Xbox One and PlayStation 4
Because I can buy both.

User Info: ejay8320

3 years ago#12
aszsith posted...
cheezedadada posted...
MrMojoRisin357 posted...
Because there is a massive shortage of PS4's in North America?

Then realistically for those people, it just means they were slightly on the fence or just grabbing what was available, no? If the Xbox One was seen as "that bad" by someone, but the store was sold out of PS4s, wouldn't they just wait for the system they like?

^ This

Many consumers, not the raging fanboys but your "average" gaming consumer, just want to play the newest games. If the PS4 was not available, they picked up the readily available XBOne. They don't have as much brand loyalty.

Did this inflate the XBOne user base? Yes it did. But those sales still count as sales. If Sony had planned ahead better, they would have focused on the largest consumer market in the world rather than spreading their stock across a bunch on smaller markets creating a shortage in America. They cost themselves sales in the process, and many of those "average" gaming consumers won't purchase more than one console during a generation.

Yes Sony probably did lose a few "Initial sales" but who's to say the won't buy a PS4 later on(the revers is also possible), but it's the risk they're willing to take to create a hype for the system by creating a demand for the system(supply constraint due to intentionally spreading themselves thin). If you see a restaurant consistently having a wait line everyday, the restaurant must be good? If the system is consistently sold out it must be selling well.

In the end though most of us will probably end up having at least 2 of the 3 consoles.

What I find silly is that people are claiming this as some sort of major victory, it's not your only showing half the facts... Is Xbox selling well? Yes, however despite it selling well it lost market share in it's home turf, it would be like Xbox One Selling the same amount as the PS4 in Japan which would be a loss to Sony, if it actually happens...

User Info: benjimain

3 years ago#13
You are correct, TC. The Bone outsold a sold out console. This is what they're celebrating. Desperation is a word that comes to mind.

User Info: MrMojoRisin357

3 years ago#14
Go Sony Go!!!
PSN - TooSweet357
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