Are Sony Ponies jealous of Titanfall?

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User Info: settsdevil

3 years ago#21
josuna123 posted...
They claim not to be jealous and call the XB1 fanbase "dudebros", but Sony's only decent launch exclusive is a FPS, Killzone.

Way to market Sony, according to GFAQS, no one on PS4 likes FPS.

They continue to praise Knack but if Microsoft released a similar genre and better critically acclaimed counterpart, they would be saying they hate those kinds of games too.


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User Info: Sycotic

3 years ago#22
dnmt posted...
Sycotic posted...
dnmt posted...
No, the game seems to have some very real and serious flaws. If it turns out to be actually good and not broken/buggy like other EA games I will just get it on PC.

name a few, I've been playing it, unlike you, and going by what it is showing so far, it's gonna be a decent game.

Bots are worthless to an insane degree, Titans aren't the game changer we thought they would be and are a poor man's killstreak at best, announcer lady is annoying with her endless "YOUR TITAN WILL BE READY IN X" quips, still got the auto-lock pistol, still 6v6, the HUD is cluttered and takes up too much space, guns have no recoil, apparently you hack stuff with a knife but have no way to actually kill someone with it which is just dumb, hm.. what else.

The only thing I will agree with is that the bots aren't what they should be and hopefully it gets fixed. The Titan isn't a kill streak, and I never thought it would be a game changer. There have been other mech type games. it offers something new and I think the balance of everyone getting one is fine. You choose when to get your Titan, which gives you some strategy of when to call it in. The chick doesn't bother me, haven't used the pistol other than the tutorial, could care less if the guns have recoil. I like the melee attacks, I would rather break someone's neck so they can see me do it on the kill cam or kick them in the face, than stab someone, which has been done in enough games. So you mention one flaw (bots) and then a bunch of stuff that you just don't like in the game......that you've never played

User Info: nb003_99

3 years ago#23
grampamurked posted...
goatthief posted...
What is to be jealous of? The game can be run on 360. Its not even a next gen game.

I guess gtav & tlou are terrible games too then huh?

Face palm

Where did he say they were terrible?
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User Info: CapnStanky

3 years ago#24
OandA_Pest posted...
Reassurance topic.

Mmmmm yeah more salt.
(message deleted)

User Info: NeoMonk

3 years ago#26
Nah most of us already played on PS2 graphics over a decade ago.
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User Info: MetroidFan9999

3 years ago#27
lmao at all the trolls in this topic.

I'm sorry you have to reassure yourself that only "sony ponys" can criticize this game, it's kinda sad.
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User Info: Troll_Directory

3 years ago#28
Pokerkid777 posted...
Been seeing a lot of hate topics lately focusing on minor things like 6v6 and the auto pistol. Do you think that this is only because many sony only gamers are upset over not being able to play titanfall?
yes. google: "petition for titanfall on ps4"

User Info: Shaun3D

3 years ago#29
Aone1987 posted...
Rome218 posted...
I think some are jealous, as the PS4's most popular games are CoD and BF4.

I think others are just upset that the Xbox One has a triple A game to look forward to, and it looks more appealing to most people than a third installment of Infamous, IMO.

Like I've said, I have played Infamous 1. I think most people who get Infamous will not know much about the backstory.

One game is an original IP, the other one is a third installment.

And I do not think the xbox 360 will be identical to PC and Xbox One. It's not going to be like AC4, same game better graphics.

Overall, I think shooters appeal to a larger demographic than a superhero sandbox.

this guy thinks titanfall will be more popular than cod and bf4

I hope it will be as well. Sick of military style shooters.

User Info: Shiro-RedWind-

3 years ago#30
Just going to be realistic now and say it is pretty ridiculous that everything comes down to " You Jealous " " Mad " etc. " I thought the point of a video game board was to share your opinion on titles whether released or not. Yet ever since this junk between PS4 and X1 kicked up at E3 everything has been a peen measuring contest and it's really out of hand now.

Titanfall is coming and it looks like a good IP. I will probably pick it up for my X1 as I am getting Second Son for my Ps4. But anybody sitting here and going " Titanfall is going to blow SS out of the water. " " They're just mad (Ps4 side) that we get this new IP coming out of the gate and they get a third installment of a franchise. " Just sounds like kids on a playground.

You can't even compare SS or TF to one another. Two different genres, two different audiences to cater toward, two different play styles and two vastly different senses of immersion. I dabbled with the Titanfall Beta. Did it impress me? No. But do I want to get it because I like shooters? Yes.

Arguably my waited upon titles of the year are coming out in slow trickle and they bounce between all three platforms which I own:

Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Sunset Overdrive, Infamous: SS, Killer Instinct, Destiny, etc etc.

When you own more than one console the line of " This title is the holy grail and anything you have over there " becomes pointless and mundane. But for those who don't own all three whether you have two or one of the new consoles, you just look like misguided neanderthals making topics like this every day, then wondering why " Our board gets so much hate. I don't understand it, they just come here to troll. "
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