Xbox one ad is mind-blowingly abysmal

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User Info: kcypher2000

3 years ago#52
leelee3105 posted...
settsdevil posted...

Not sure if this is old hat, but idc. I hope somebody got fired for this. Particularly for the tagline: "If it was any more real, it would be real". -Just... in writing that sounds like a joke. But its not! They ACTUALLY thought that would be a good tagline. My God. Their marketing team needs to realize who their target audience is. In fact, i think i could do a better job, in a day. In less than a day even. Just FOCUS ON THE DAMN VIDEO-GAME, nobody gives a **** about this guy washing his hands. All you have to do is, JUST SHOW GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!!!!
I am reminded of the ad for gears of war, with "mad world" playing in the background - that was a terrific ad. Wanted to play gears so badly after that. Having watched this, seems like microsofts marketing team have really taken a step backwards.

TLDR; When will games consoles stop making god-awful ads for their consoles/games.

You're a complete . This has become the worst website on the internet.

I wonder if he nerd raged over all the Sony commercials with 0 gameplay, This at least had some of Ryse.
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