If this is true, what does it mean for Microsoft?

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User Info: Juzten76

4 years ago#41
Once again we have a huge overreaction by the desperate fanboys who wait for something negative about the Xbox One so they can pounce on it. Must be tuesday on gamefaqs.

User Info: crucial

4 years ago#42
I hate MS and Sony but love there consoles,I could careless about there practices just bring me games,i hate Mcdonalds to but like a big mac every once in a wile I also hate Wallmart but shop there sometimes because they have great deals sometimes.

My point is all these company's are shotty when it comes to marketing so just deal with it or don't buy there products,who cares.

User Info: rusty12000

4 years ago#43
sounds like there console sales are lower then they are telling people...
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User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#44
As much as I really dislike what Microsoft did to the Xbox brand with the XB1...I really don't see anything wrong with this tbh. As with the EA story of similar behavior, they aren't saying you can't critique the console, just that it not be the focus of the commentary.
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User Info: SiGpsoaartktsie

4 years ago#45
Shows that you can't trust what you hear from any of the "official" sites when it comes to video gaming. They are all bought and paid for.
All of you are nuts

User Info: scoobydoobydont

4 years ago#46
Juzten76 posted...
Shows they like compensate people for their hard work. I applaud them for their contributions to the Youtube community. Nothing wrong with paying people to spread the truth.
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User Info: krystyla

4 years ago#47

"This partnership between Machinima and Microsoft was a typical marketing partnership to promote Xbox One in December," the comment from the pair reads. "The Xbox team does not review any specific content or provide feedback on content. Any confidentiality provisions, terms or other guidelines are standard documents provided by Machinima. For clarity, confidentiality relates to the agreements themselves, not the existence of the promotion."

And I am getting real tired of this s*** w/ the trolls rampaging all over the board.
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User Info: James_4ort

4 years ago#48
this is nothing new.. M$ has put millions of dollars into manipulating public opinion.
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User Info: kcypher2000

4 years ago#49
MRL3G3ND posted...
It's a good idea...

they have to salvage this train wreck somehow

This train wreck is doing better than your delaystation.

Ps4 has to sell for cheaper in more countries
No games
No saves
Losing in the biggest market.

Btw if sony did some advertising then maybe te vita wouldnt have died.

User Info: Muryo

4 years ago#50
Screwatracl calls it "shady" business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCajSmM-Nzw&feature=g-subs-u
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