Can't sign into Xbox Live

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User Info: EaZyyJD

3 years ago#1
Everytime I try and sign in it says;

" We could not sign you in. Try again in a few minutes, or check your account by signing in to "

I have time, I have internet, I don't know what's up, anyone know?
GT: EaZyy iV

User Info: Jazoni

3 years ago#2
Yep, it's a widespread problem, hopefully Microsoft will fix it sooner rather than later.
"Oh, how time files with crystal clear eyes"

User Info: solo1300

3 years ago#3

Xbox Live Core Services: Limited

Affected platforms: Xbox One

Affected services: Signing into Xbox Live

22/01/2014 4:49:59 PM Canada Central Standard Time: Having issues with Xbox Live sign in? We currently have our top engineers investigating this issue. We appreciate your patience while we work. We'll update you again in 30 minutes.

Seems XB1 having problems logging into XBL, here in Canada anyways.
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