Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Runs at 60fps on PS4 and 30fps on Xbox One

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User Info: MajorPoopStorm

3 years ago#61
teehee23 posted...
Kyle1022 posted...
teehee23 posted...
That's actually pathetic. You have no plans to get Xbox #1 or PS4 yet you're on the boards because?

Because I'm in my dorm waiting for my next class, and watching people online get so butthurt about their inferior console is entertaining.

News to us that they allow computer use to prisoners.
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User Info: NettoSaito

3 years ago#62
I don't have an XBO (yet), but I do own a PS4, and really, the power difference isn't going to matter too much. I don't understand why both sides have to constantly bash each other and try to prove their console is better. Even if the XBO is only running at 30fps, is that going to really matter? I mean to some people, sure, but it won't change the gameplay.

Also AMD confirmed the PS4 was stronger spec wise before the consoles were even released. MS basically just missed out on using their newer tech. Doesn't mean the XBO isn't a strong console though. Last gen the PS3 was technically stronger than the 360 as well, but the only thing that actually held the 360 back was the use of DVDs. The graphical difference wasn't actually that noticeable, but as games got larger, the 360 started having to use more than one disc. That's the main reason MGS4 wasn't released on the 360 as well; Kojima stated that it would have taken them 7 discs due to the way the 360's disc format was set up, as well as how the game was set up (divided into chapters which each installed one by one).

Needless to say, the XBO doesn't have this issue, so it should be fine.
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User Info: Ryan-06

3 years ago#63
OpheliaAdenade posted...
Satchmo25 posted...
BushidoEffect3 posted...
muggy posted...
Curb stomped

MDF gets another defeat in the ongoing war. Expected to last longer than the Trojan War.

PS4 is like Achilles at this point.

and games are the PS4's achilles' heel

Because a few exclusives are worth more than all the multiplats running better on the other system, right? :v Good for you bro. Hope you really enjoy them.

In a few years PS4 will be Jet Li in the ONE. remember the end of that movie? Good metaphor. Can't be defeated!
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User Info: 1nternationa7

3 years ago#64
"I am Yulaw! I'm nobody's *****! You are mine!"
-Jet Li, The One

I loved that movie ending :)
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User Info: ssjgohhku

3 years ago#65
Fps don't matter, 30fps is far superior anyway.
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