XB1 owners. Is it worth it?

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User Info: imjustdatnice

3 years ago#1
I am considering getting an Xbox One today and was just wondering what are people's opinions so far? I already have a ps4 but dead rising 3 and forza look really good. Plus titanfall will be out in a couple months and that's a day one buy for me. So just wondering what do you guys like about the system? Should I wait or get it today? Any games you recommend?
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User Info: NSE7EN

3 years ago#2
Very much so. Excellent console, but so is the ps4.
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User Info: eddy_cocaine

3 years ago#3
Definitely recommend it. My only problem is party chat. It stinks when you're trying to get a match of bf4/Forza going with friends and party chat chokes on you. But as far as entertainment goes, I've gotten my moneys worth so far.

UI took a little getting used to. But kinect really does wonders with menu navigation. The controller is great. Having the input for my cable box is awesome. I just wish there were more games out RIGHT NOW. I can't wait for Titanfall/PVZ.
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User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#4
I sold ps3 and got xbox one because I wanted everything in one imput. and go all digital and I wanted forza 5 and halo and titianfall

User Info: Rome218

3 years ago#5
Hell yeah it's awesome. =)

Although the board has a lot of trolling from what I'd imagine are adults still living at home, and too ugly to ever have had a significant other.

User Info: weezergabe

3 years ago#6
Amazing console
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User Info: zeekcruz425

3 years ago#7
ill tell you this, if i was given a choice between X1 and PS4 right now... i would buy my X1 again.
Thats how impressed i am.
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User Info: dnmt

3 years ago#8
If you're going to get the Xbone for TF anyway I would wait in case there's a bundle, which is likely.

User Info: ethanpaige

3 years ago#9
If you have the expenses, definitely worth it to own both consoles.

User Info: evecharmeve

3 years ago#10
Eh well Dead Rising is the best game by far so far :) but anyway if you can spend the money go for it, Killer Instinct is pretty damn good to.
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