ms. xbone sells through 3.9m in 2013 - fastest selling console of all time

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User Info: aszsith

3 years ago#221
HENTAIDOJI posted...
MetroidFan9999 posted...
HENTAIDOJI posted...
MetroidFan9999 posted...
HENTAIDOJI posted...
Its in the report, its sold through 3.9m. MS even clarified they had to bring forward their Q3 shipment to keep up with demand. PS4 has lost 700k of its 1 million lead as of the end of 2013. Its 101% likely xbone has overtaken it already. And thats with a 1% margin for error.

It sold 3.9 to the RETAIL CHANNEL.

Are you telling us MS is contradicting itself when it earlier claimed they sold 3 million to consumer?

It contradicts nothing. They said they sold *over* 3 million to consumers. 3.9 is over 3 million.

Using NPD its also the exact sales ratio the 360 has with Europe. 55 to 45÷. So you got 2 million in the US and Canada sold through. Less 10% gives us 1.8 million for everywhere else in the world. 3.8m sold through. Perfectly correllates with the 3.78m in the report.

You REALLY think a PR statement would entail "over 3 million" if it was close to 3.9 million?

SMH you really are sad, they would love nothing MORE than to announce "over 3.5 million" if it really was that much.

It is if you've been paying attention. Like when Halo 4 took the series over 50 million. Which indicated the game had sold 4 million and yet simultaneously also sold more than Halo 3 in the same time frame which means it sold more than 8 million.

Selling 54 million is the same as selling more than 50 million. Besides, they did give an exact figure. 3.9 million. Console sold out globally. 97% through to consumers.

its in the report.

It is amazing the number of people who are willing to try and argue with the financial data reported by the company. Financial data that is under SEC regulation and audited. Why they feel the need to argue against the actual numbers is beyond my understanding, but I guess some people just don't care about empirical data.
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User Info: pingpongching

3 years ago#222
Wow, this thread has gotten really sad. More so than normal for a troll bait topic.

From people ignoring basic logic and numbers to spin the Xbone sales in a positive light to repeating the same mantra over and over like a mentally handicapped sheep (and that statement would be "sold is sold") to even bringing up 360 sales numbers that do nothing to bolster their argument. If the 360 has sold more than the PS3 worldwide (and this is unlikely even due to the insurmountable odds of the PS3 releasing a full year later and being $100-200 more during almost the entire console generation), the statement that the 360 sold more than the ps3 is a more damning for the Xbone than if it hadn't. Think about it. The 360 selling oh so much more than the ps3 thus having a larger installed fanbase for MS has not translated to higher sales numbers for the Xbone. And to the "debunkers" of the ps3 selling more, the 360 sales numbers are the ones released ONLY by MS. Sony has not even released official sales numbers through to the same point. Reading any article in the past year shows that the ps3 has constantly been trending higher in sales. But hey, Christmas will suddenly mean the 360 will sell more all of a sudden right? You are arguing a position that only has half the data available. If that isn't idiocy, I don't know what is.

I have chosen the ps4 as my console of choice (as of right now), but like many have said and will say, competition is good. Competition breeds excellence. I would never want the Xbone to "fail". That would be bad for absolutely every consumer.

So what am I really saying? No matter what console you buy, stay objective and intelligent. And enjoy your choice. Have you ever been playing "x" console and had less of a good time because you started thinking about how the competition was outselling the console you were playing? I hope the answer to that question is "never".
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User Info: Kcrack

3 years ago#223
This is why I should stick to Neogaf, people like Op would get banned immediately for trolling and spreading false information.

User Info: D__Rock

3 years ago#224
So what. PS4 sold 1 million in 24 hours, do the math and be amazed!

User Info: TBONE_OG

3 years ago#225
CaIiber345 posted...
What does Kelly Clarkson have to do with anything? I listen to her, Beethoven, Andres Segovia, Iron Maiden, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Cee-Lo, Bach, Aerosmith, Eminem, DIO, Alter Bridge, 30 Seconds to Mars, Kool Keith, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Seger, Megadeth, house music, trance music, The Doors, Metallica, All That Remains, so on and so forth. But let me guess...those are all horrible bands and musicians because you don't like them. I'll save you from having to post that.

I'm not mad. I'm opening my mind to investing in Xbox One despite my dislike of many of its features. It's not my fault that some of you here are fanboys and have ridiculous reasons and arguments for why you like Xbox One, and think to pile it on other people. The same goes for Sony fanboys. I like a lot of products, but I don't go around championing how much they sell to prove that they're "winning" anything.

Some of you really don't understand how to look at something from multiple angles and be able to agree with more than one of those angles. You take hardline stances on things because it's easier that way. Accepting that the world is hundreds of shades of black, white, gray, and every other color requires a lot more thought than you are willing to put into it. But go ahead and keep thinking that the things you like are the best because you like them. The world is starting to be ruled by people like that, so I'm going to be SOL soon.

Man... relax. Rub one out and take a nap. You'll feel like a million bucks after.

You might not be mad now (seems like it though) but you were mad in that post of mine that Rome218 posted. You called me lowest common denominator for enjoying Ryse WHILE having "I love Kelly Clarkson" in your sig. I just thought that was hilarious. If you really think about it, I'm sure you'll understand why.

Glad you felt the need to raise your manhood level and post all the bands/performers you like. Reminds me of my old AOL profile page from when I was 15 years old.

But all in all, you bring up some good points with that little rant there. Believe it or not, that's how I think as well... for the most part. All I can ask for is people play the console they want to, and enjoy it. That's what I do.

But remember -- you were the one who ripped me for liking Ryse. So practice what you preach...


Rome218 posted...
I got your back, homie. ^_-

*Thumbs up* ;)
Always O.G.

User Info: xacebop

3 years ago#226
So its the fastest produced console of all time? Because 1/4 of those are sitting on shelves

User Info: BloodyDove2vs

3 years ago#227
xacebop posted...
So its the fastest produced console of all time? Because 1/4 of those are sitting on shelves

At every retailer across the nation.
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User Info: Chipofthehead

3 years ago#228
Sony have sold more ps4's to consumers than Microsoft have Xbox ones.

Sony have the record for the fastest selling console of all time with the ps4.

The ps3 has overtaken the 360 in lifetime sales to date.

These three statement's are all factually correct and cannot be argued, and no I won't be posting any links because this information is readily available from lots of official sources. (Google is your friend)

oh and unless you have shares with either company then why does anyone care? And I own a ps3/4 and a 360/one before I get called a fanboy.
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User Info: BeefEaster

3 years ago#229
remember when everyone was like, "MS is just better at producing consoles and meeting demand" when people would ask why xbox ones were on store shelves while ps4s weren't?

but now it turns out that not only has sony sold more consoles, they've produced more also?

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User Info: -FryShakeWad-

3 years ago#230
Lol fanboys of both systems are so childish. Is it fun arguing to a brick wall?
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