Xbox One console sales booming

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User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#31
Rome218 posted...
I said when I get back Metroid would still be at it.

From post 51 onwards, we get to see the real Metroid9999. The guy who pretends to have a 100k job and then ****s on vets, calling us Government freeloaders because we get the GI Bill.

Soldiers are just that, we don't get to choose what the Government utilizes us for. Even if you were against the war in Iraq, it was for U.S interests.

He is the most awful person I have ever seen on Gamefaqs, who is owned by CBS. CBS loves to show half time shows honoring vets in Football games, but they allow trolls to talk **** and say we are freeloading due to the GI bill.

He comes here just to spew negativity. His friends are obviously teenagers. He has this made up life where he tells people he makes 100k a year and is on the top 5% of the IQ scale, while coming here to argue with might be teenagers.

Even if you disagree with the war in Iraq, vets do not get to pick and choose their battles. We just follow orders, and sometimes it does benefit America. The Iraq war may be over oil. People complain about oil prices now, but what if it were 6 dollars a gallon and food became unaffordable? I am not saying I am better than anyone here, it's just the lack of respect to veterans I am disgusted in. Over what? A ****ing console? Anyone who is friends with Metroid9999 may want to look back at things he has said. Anyone have friends or family in the military? Do you think we are moochers of the Government because we get money a month to pay for education?

It's disgusting, and the mods here are okay with this. The best part is when he is confronted by another vet, he goes and says he is going to run to his lawyer because the other dude said he'd punch him. Metroid9999 is the worse user I have seen on Gamefaqs. Anyone associated with him should be ashamed of themselves. He does not have an xbox one as claimed, he does not make 100k a year or he wouldn't be a petty adult acting like a child here, and he certainly isn't in the top 5% of highest IQ people judging from his posts over the last MONTHS. Not days mind you, MONTHS.

I guess all anti Americans go flock to him.

Wait Metroid can afford a lawyer?
"Maybe all these clowns should chill out and stop trolling me." - MetroidFan9999
Xbox One and PlayStation 4
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