Which one do you think will be better overall?

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User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#11
scoobydoobydont posted...
Jedi454 posted...
scoobydoobydont posted...
KZ has SP, so KZ is better by default.

What if I told you that people bought FPS titles just for Multiplayer? Would that blow your mind?

Some people watch "reality" tv and listen to top 40 radio. Nothing can shock me any more...

Lmao sing it

Honestly I think Shadow all gets way more hate than it deserves... Story was pretty good but the GFX and controls were awesome... And the MP runs very smooth... Almost no WTF moments like BF4.

That said I think Titanfall will be an overall better game. Coming from me you guys know I'm being sincere
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User Info: 181stCommander

3 years ago#12
ukemandwnbu posted...
WartPig_ posted...
so the choices are generic FPS vs. generic FPS

More like Brown-n-Grey FPS vs. Brown-n-Grey FPS

Killzone SF is very colorful actually.
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User Info: elchris79

3 years ago#13
There is no way on earth that Titanfall won't be better than KZ.
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