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User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#61
Dying 50+ times to Smough and Ornstein in Dark Souls. Then beating them.

*Great chest ahead!* After reading that message someone left and then entering the room where the chest was I was not disappointed.

Speaking of all the Halo talk I played some Halo 2 last night online. The game still holds up pretty well overall. Even though there's next to no one playing.
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User Info: violentdissmay

3 years ago#62
Lengthy campaign co-op with out ai controlled bot partners
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User Info: Jptremblay13

3 years ago#63
The first time you get your lightsaber in Jedi Knight.

User Info: Juzten76

3 years ago#64
A day off work, a copy of the latest Elder Scrolls game the day it comes out, a 6 pack in the fridge and a bowl of weed next to the couch.

User Info: SigmaLongshot

3 years ago#65
Another one I've just experienced, where I feel so overwhelmed by buzzage that I must share:

Killing an enemy soldier in battlefield by using the defibrilator upon their face.

Double Jump Game Comics:

User Info: SigmaLongshot

3 years ago#66
Hitting someone with the Cerebral Bore in Turok 2 is also a doozy.

That initial CRNCH followed by the spine-chilling grinding... urghh....

Sadistic bliss.
Double Jump Game Comics:

User Info: leelee3105

3 years ago#67
aszsith posted...
There are so many moments, and many of those listed are fantastic so no need to rehash them.

I'm gonna go from each generation:

Gen 1 - I wasn't alive yet. No memories from there. Although I have played an original Pong machine, it was after I had enjoyed later gen gaming.

Gen 2 - Making the switch from Atari's joystick to the Intellivision number pad. So much more control with 10x as many buttons. It would take several generations before a controller gave so much, well, control.

Gen 3 - "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!" And boy oh boy, that old coot wasn't lying.

Gen 4 - "Finish Him!" Mortal Kombat may have looked better on SNES, but I could rip off someone's head in my bedroom with the Genesis.

Gen 5 - A familiar plumber runs across a field towards a castle. With 3 presses of the jump button he does an acrobatic somersault and flip while gleefully cheering himself along. Once at the castle, he jumps into a painting, says "Let's a-go!" and the world of gaming was transformed into a new dimension.

Gen 6 - "And with that curse, all would know him for the beast he had become, his skin white with the ash of his dead family. The ghost of Sparta had been born." And in the first half hour of the game he killed the Hydra with a the mast of a boat.

Eventually Shadow of the Colossus came out and I realized that a game could exist where practically any time you stopped playing you could take a picture of the screen and hang it on the wall as art. No game before or since has been so completely solemnly beautiful.

Gen 7 - "I've covered wars, you know..." Willamette, CO population 53,594. All Zombies. Please kill them all. Go ahead and use a gun, a sword, boxing gloves, a soccer ball, a shower head, or 245 other things you can find at the mall. Oh, and take pictures of it.

Progression across multiple games in Mass Effect. It wasn't until the 3rd game that we realized the impact of choices like whether to save or kill a creature in a lab experiment in the 1st game could mean the difference in saving or destroying a galaxy. I was blown away.

Running and gunning through a detailed warehouse as an Eastern European immigrant whose sole purpose is to rescue his cousin from his captors. "I am leaving here with Roman! Nobody **** with my family!"

Gathering the family around the new big screen so we can all go bowling in the living room. My handicapped mother able to enjoy an activity that had eluded her for 2 decades. The smile she had her first strike will be one of my finest memories of her long after she has gone.

Gen 8 - Nothing has been more enjoyable to me, thus far, than climbing aboard the Jackdaw and setting sail towards the sunrise while my crew sings of the journey before us: "Weigh-hay and up she rises / Weigh-hay and up she rises / Weigh-hay and up she rises / Earlay in the morning!"

this might be the best post in gamefaqs history. PS, i thought dante's inferno was better that GoW
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User Info: Apex-Player

3 years ago#68
Ps4 getting an emulator to run ps1/2 discs on the ps4, rumor has it its coming ^^

Also, experiencing Master Ninja on NinjaGaiden the first time. Having seen fire ninjas immediately at the start I fell in love with that series. Not just buffed enemies, but reskined effort put into each difficulty. Was so great man, a game that kept on giving.
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User Info: Reece504

3 years ago#69
proximity mines on ever library door in goldeneye MUAHAHAHAHWAHWAHWA
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User Info: deadmarv

3 years ago#70
SigmaLongshot posted...
Oh, another obvious one... GETTING A LINE IN TETRIS! So satisfying!!

Wouldn't getting 4 lines at once be more blissful?
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