30fps....60fps....SAME GAME IN THE END!!

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User Info: EGMRULZ

3 years ago#151
You don't understand TC. Gamers are just spoiled brats. They want the best experience possible. And always want more for less. I'm guilty of this too sometimes.
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User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

3 years ago#152
ITT: Excuses

User Info: elitelmo

3 years ago#153
StrongBlackVine posted...

There are no texture mods for PC equivalent to the PS4 or Xbox One version. You have another NBA 2K14 situation on your hands hermit. Well at least you do with PS4 as it is 60fps.

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User Info: DeathRupter

3 years ago#154
can the human eye detect 60 fps? And let's be honest, it's marketed at 60 but prob falls in the 45 fps range
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User Info: ssjgohhku

3 years ago#155
30fps masterrace.

User Info: Gothmogz

3 years ago#156
lol to the ignorant people the eye detects 120 hz and also the hand because 30 fps causes input lag, thats why you need 60 fps for racing and fighting games or else feels bad. Also, the question is why not having 60 instead of 30, for a better price?
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User Info: WaywardBiscuit

3 years ago#157
It seemed like a big deal last gen when the differences wre much much smaller but it was in favor of the 360. So now all of a sudden all the bragging i read over and over for years suddenly doesnt matter when the diffrrences are much wider and it isnt in favor of the X1. Hmmmmm
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User Info: chubbychaser

3 years ago#158
"30fps....60fps....SAME GAME IN THE END!!"

Yep. One is inferior than the other though. lol
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User Info: DarknessXSeeker

3 years ago#159
Last gen a vast majority of games ran at 30fps and everyone was fine with it. But now since it's next gen 30fps has suddenly became a terrible thing. I understand it being next gen and you having higher expectations, but if it doesn't run at 60fps, what does it matter? We've played games at 30fps for years and enjoyed them, what's different now?
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User Info: MOATS7798

3 years ago#160
Well....after letting everyone ramble on with their OPINIONS, which I do respect....I'm still looking for the answer...

I've been playing TR on X1 since launch, I have yet to experience any issues, visuals are improved, I for one enjoy using KInect on occasion to switch weapons or bring up the map, yet...I'm still waiting foe that moment in a game like this where 30 VS 60 is such a big deal.

Everyone is talking about it, yet I'm waiting for that moment where I'd be stupid enough to get a PS4 for a few more FPS.

And last gen, I never once bragged over what version was better on which ever console, I had a PS3, it was a nice Bluray player and I owned one game (MLB The Show) which was the only game worth it on the PS3, and this gen....Killzone again is all it has...again? I enjoy my games more on Xbox, been on XBL since the beta days on the original Xbox, have built up a lot of great friends, why would I leave that community I've been part of for 12 years now for 1-2 good exclusives and a few FPS??

It's funny how bad the PS3 sucked and you guys stayed loyal to the garbage system, and now the PS4 is more powerful and some of us stay loyal but feel that loyal Xbox fans need to jump ship all of a sudden??

I still play NES games, SNES, Genesis...I'm far from worried about a few more Pixels and frames the PS4 can do over another system BELIEVE THAT! If it had great games I'd get one, if it has more than one game worth getting I'd get one, it doesn't, so the 1080P/60FPS will never work with a guy like me!
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