30fps....60fps....SAME GAME IN THE END!!

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User Info: BoxTheMuppet

3 years ago#81
Bump. We need more spec topics.
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User Info: Usabell

3 years ago#82
G2584 posted...
If you think there is no noticeable difference between 30 and 60fps, then you are incredibly ignorant. This sounds like a reassurance topic to me.

Exactly that. Games even *control* significantly better in 60 FPS. Also avoids double images with faster camera pans. To me it's mind-boggling that almost the whole industry goes for sub-60 FPS on consoles, which were made for this originally. I'm kind of tired of this lazy attitude, they have 10.000 times the power of the SNES and still give us lower FPS, and thus worse gameplay feeling. It might work for some cinematic games, but still, I'd always prefer a more playable experience over that.
Consoles shouldn't be about 480p, 720p, 1080p or the prettiest slideshow.
They are about a magical box that outputs wonderful streams of 60 images per second.

User Info: zelda_king3

3 years ago#83
This whole FPS/Resolution matter becomes an issue when the less expensive product gives you better performance and resolution than the more expensive product.
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User Info: Mr_Delcroix

3 years ago#84
MOATS7798 posted...
Tomb Raider.....720P....1080P....

Same game as well.....

It's such a big deal why?? Few more pixels? Slightly smoother screen....

But it's the same damn game....

All these PS4 owners act like they have discovered the Holy Grail or Fountain of Youth like 60fps is groundbreaking news...

How about I get this for my gaming PC and slap a few texture mods on it, run it 60fps and make it look even "better" than the PS4 version and then we can all come back and brag that I played the same game as you and the mod didn't change the game at all!!!......

>I'm blind.

I'm so sorry.
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User Info: savagechild89

3 years ago#85
Reflex-Arc posted...
OmegaTavo posted...
G2584 posted...
If you think there is no noticeable difference between 30 and 60fps, then you are incredibly ignorant. This sounds like a reassurance topic to me.

30 fps is totally acceptable. Most gamers have been playing at that frame rate for years without complaint. The simple fact is, if you only own an XBO and want to play this game, you are going to be perfectly content. It'll still be gorgeous. It'll still be fun.

...If you also own a PS4, get it on that console if you crave the extra eyecandy that 60 fps provides (unless of course you prefer the XBO controller).

thats like saying people played in SD for years before HD iwhtout complaint. yeah there was no complaint because people didnt know any better. but you better believe that after seeing 60FPS over 30 or HD over SD, its hard to go back.

im not here to bash the xbox by any means, i just think its funny that people try and use that logic. also you KNOW if the shoe was on the other foot people would hang it over sonys head like the sony fanboys are right now.

honestly i hate this console war but it is what it is. ill just sit here in the middle and play everything because i like games.
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User Info: Rome218

3 years ago#86
Others may disagree with you TC, and they're entitled to their opinion. Never last gen has a game been better at 60 fps, and I usually do not know it is 60 fps until someone tells me.

Like Rage, I thought it felt a little smooth and it was 60 fps. I thought Crysis 3 was 60 FPS because it felt so smooth, but it wasn't.

NBA 2k14 is 60 fps, which I was did not know. I own NBA 2k13 and I don't think it's 60 fps, but I'm not sure.

If people want to over glorify 60 fps, then let them. o_O This morning I have been playing Call of Juarez:Gunslinger, I think it may be 60 fps because getting headshot combos feels like cake due to the smoothness.

I really have a hard time telling a difference. I owned Doom BFG, and people said it was 60 fps, and I was like "yay!" but I didn't even notice either. So, to those who can tell a serious difference, more power to you. I don't care, and I am getting TR in an hour! ^_^

Ppl who shout on about frames per second, resolutions, and sales could not be more mainstream gamers, but label themselves "hardcore." Ha! People are able to find work on just making articles about the difference because it is a mainstream topic.

Graphics? I still love games on XBLA. Why did I get an xbox one then? Too many years with the same system! I love the new controller, it seems well suited for shooters, and people are downplaying how awesome the trigger vibrations are, ESPECIALLY for a shooter.

User Info: AshleyGreene74

3 years ago#87
G2584 posted...
If you think there is no noticeable difference between 30 and 60fps, then you are incredibly ignorant. This sounds like a reassurance topic to me.

User Info: SuplexKirby

3 years ago#88

And the MS fanboys been gloating for years on how superior the 360 was for having 60fps multiplat games. Now all of a sudden it doesn't matters to them. It is true that the most expensive consoles ends up getting the inferior ports.

User Info: NinjaPirateDood

3 years ago#89
pipituga posted...
Bonersurrance topic move along
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User Info: DvoloS88

3 years ago#90
JiZamez posted...
arc170pilot22 posted...
I completely agree with TC. I never look at fps before I buy a game, and never end up thinking to myself "wow, this game runs really smooth!" despite the fact that a game might be running at 60 fps. This leads me to think that advertising fps works like a placebo effect, and telling people they have better fps makes them automatically think about how smooth their game is and it looks better, when in actuality, it does not really change much.

^ perfect example of the Xbone userbase.

"I don't care if the performance sucks and I'll still pay $100 more because it's not a PS4!"

Xbox one innovates while ps4 is an upgraded ps3... You sony fans wanna use stupid crap like this as an advantage or reason why ps4 is better? Last time I checked xbox one not only had the better launch titles but ryse took home best looking next gen game, even according to pro sony ign editors who gave ryse a 6. Wheres that 50% more power?...
Microsoft fans and Sony fans, can't we all just get along?...
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