Tomb Raider Definitive Edition IGN Review 9.1/10

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User Info: sjc1279

3 years ago#1

9.1 IGN

9.25 Game Informer
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User Info: Superman070776

3 years ago#2
So GameStop's personal website/magazine, and also IGN. I'm glad they enjoyed it. I will still pass just like I did on 360. Conan O'Brien reviewed the original, too:

User Info: Kupo_Mog_Kupo

3 years ago#3
I played it on PS3. So I knew it was good. I'll get this when it comes down in price dough.
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User Info: Bac0n01

3 years ago#4
Bought it at launch for 360, so I don't feel too bad about waiting till I can nab this version for $40.
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3 years ago#5
Day one since Lara is even hotter now.

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

3 years ago#6
I don't doubt that the game is totally amazing. I just won't spend $60 on visual upgrades for something I can pay $15 on 360.
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User Info: aszsith

3 years ago#7
IGN gave it a 9.1 a year ago. It's not surprising that the game received the same score for this version. Shinier textures don't improve the gameplay.

This is a great game. I loved it last year when I paid $60 to play it. The fact that Lara got some Pantene ProV Conditioner though is not enough to warrant buying it again for $60.
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User Info: SEGA128DC

3 years ago#8
Hmm, I've rented Tomb Raider a few times from Redbox, and loved the game. But, I won't pay full price for the Definitive Edition. I'll wait until the game drops below $30 before I consider purchasing TR:DE for the Xbox One...
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