Why did you get an xbox one?

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User Info: theantikarma

3 years ago#1
My friends keep asking me this question, since they all got ps4's. I give them the same reasons everytime.

1. Graphics/framerate aren't a big thing to me. If they were I would play games on PC. Not console.
2. Xbox seems to come out with more (and better) online shooters, which is about 95% of what I play with my free gaming time. (Also the leaning ability utilizing kinect 2.0 in my shooters is pretty cool.)
3. I bought a years worth of xbox live in september... not wasting about $50 for no reason.
4. I like the controller better. The dualshock controller feels to small for me, and I dislike the placement of the left stick/d-pad.
5. They keep saying that you don't have to pay for PS+ to get netflix and stuff... but I have these wonderful the called the INTERNET & CABLE, which get ANY shows/sports programs I want, up to the latest episode.

What reasons did you get an Xbox One for? (Obviously not talking to people who don't have Xbox Ones.)

User Info: Reflex-Arc

3 years ago#2
Case | Mother Board | CPU (OC'd!) | Video Card x 2 | RAM | PSU | SSD | HDD | Some Fans | Monitor | Mouse | Keyboard

User Info: aszsith

3 years ago#3
I didn't pick an XBOne over the PS4. I bought the XBOne first.

Most of the games I was interested in were multi platform. I bought an XBOne because it also had Dead Rising 3. The PS4 didn't have any launch exclusives I was interested it.

By holiday season 2014 I'll most likely own a PS4 as well.
ALL games should have a Single Player mode. I can always guarantee I want to play when I turn on my system. I can't guarantee others will at the same time.

User Info: LanternOfAsh

3 years ago#4
The same reason I got an Xbox and an Xbox 360.

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User Info: HxC_MADxMAN

3 years ago#5
All of my friends that I played live with on 360 got Xbox Ones day on launch day. I got bored without friends to play online with, so today I caved.

Had to manually update it with a USB drive after several failed attempts at downloading and installing the required update. Now I'm waiting for a 13GB update to play dead rising 3, and having bought the digital copy of ghosts on 360 (upgrading to xbone digital copy is only $10)I have to wait for the 39GB game to download.

It's updating more than my ps3 when it's turned on for the first time in months.

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

3 years ago#6
1. It has games I want to buy.
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User Info: BryanPS360

3 years ago#7
For exclusives. Halo, Killer Instinct, and whatever else they put out in the future.
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User Info: MetalZoic

3 years ago#8
Reflex-Arc posted...

User Info: Pantera_head667

3 years ago#9
Besides the whole red ring issue, ive just preferred the service, the dashboard stuff, ive bought well over 100 titles from the marketplace including games on demand, i just like the xbox brand better because im used to it and it's always been reliable. This whole immature console war rubbish is just pointless nonsense, i don't care about numbers and spec information, graphical difference is small enough to be trivial, everyone just wants to justify their purchase because they don't wanna admit they're already bored of the 3 - 5 games they've bought.

In fact i wish they hadn't changed their minds about the DMR stuff, i trusted what they were doing was for the better future of the console. Either way im happy with the X1.. We just need the games to start rolling out.
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User Info: pjnelson

3 years ago#10
As per the other topic, Forza Motorsport and better controller. I'm not typing out my detailed explanations again. Just view the identical but prior topic.
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