Got to handle the Xbox One controller for the first time the other day

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User Info: dormcaste

3 years ago#1
The other day I was at the store, and while browsing for things, I stumbled into the video game department. They had an Xbox One on display, with the controllers on display as well. I picked up one of the controllers to give it a try. Did they make the analog sticks way smaller or something? They feel like 2/3 as big. The face buttons were cool. The D-pad is amazing. Better than the PS1/2/3's (which I never thought I'd say about any controller after them). That D-pad alone made me want to buy one. It's too bad that the D-pad is located where it is though. The triggers are a huge improvement over the old, springy, clanky ones.

Overall I really liked the controller and it made me want an Xbox One. I was hoping they'd have a PS4 controller there to try out too, but they were all locked in with the PS4.

User Info: MertensCW

3 years ago#2
Controllers are bad this gen.
Finally tried out the PS4 controller and while improved, the trigger curve is basically useless.
The sticks on the other hand are much improved. though symmetrical, so that sucks.
D-pad is much improved. Unlike the vast majority of people, i never liked the PS d-pad going back to the Ps.

X1 looser and smaller sticks why MS , why? also bumpers, why ruin a good thing.

I'd pray for a 360 to PS4 or X1 converter, if there was a chance it could happen.
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User Info: benjimain

3 years ago#3
It's a nice controller.

Crown has to go to Sony for controller this gen. God, it fits in the hands like a glove.

I just wish every PS3 game supported it, as it's horrible going back to the DS3 after DS4.

User Info: mfv12979

3 years ago#4
After going to walmart yesterday and saw the xbone controller if felt nice. better than 360 has. They even have 4 xbone in stock. i was like "not yet. Soon but not yet". lol
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  3. Got to handle the Xbox One controller for the first time the other day

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