The Elder Scrolls Online won't require PS Plus, will require Xbox Live Gold

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User Info: SilentB

3 years ago#131
zephirraines posted...
CaIiber345 posted...
TheHunger82 posted...
I have gold so thats good then. Couldn't care less about ps4. Next.

zinsindetta posted...
You only need 1 gold membership on a console. Who really bought the Xbox One and does not plan to have gold, lol.

This is the stuff that annoys me. It's indicative of the greater "This doesn't bother me so it doesn't bear consideration." mentality that is everywhere. Oh, and lol at people who are presumptuous. Not everyone has, wants, needs, or uses a Xbox Live Gold subscription.

I don't think this is a positive for Xbox One and Micrsoft at all. I'm not going to flame Xbox One or anything like that. I just think the attitudes I quoted are laughable and sad, and part of the problem around here and in general. Figure out how to see past the end of your own nose. You'll be surprised at what you find.

Thats because the ones whining are the same ponies who claimed they would never pay to
play online but now ignore that they LOST free psn with no benefits while live is just the same.

So spare me your lame attempt at principals because that ship sailed when you guys pulled a 180 ignoring Sony for placing the only paywall that matters.

Was Sony even mentioned in his post? No, it wasn't. And lame attempt at principles? It's impossible to have a discussion on here with nasty people like yourself.
"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view."

User Info: method115

3 years ago#132
zephirraines posted...
method115 posted...
zephirraines posted...
daniel79 posted...
RS_YELARAKA posted...
I own XBOX Live for all other games, why do I Care?


The Xbox One users best friend.

But pay wall for online gaming on ps+ is okay? Delusionals a ponies best friend.

Except everquest doesn't require PS+ you know the whole point of this topic.

Everquest? You dont even know the topic genius. And point remains, who cares if you dont need ps+ for an mmo when you need it for every other game like CoD?

Yea had everquest on my mind. What do you mean who cares? Everyone in this thread you know the topic. Also you don't need it for every other game. Blacklight,Warframe,PLanetside 2, DC universe online don't require PS+.
PSN: method114
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