I fear the graphics difference is only getting worse....

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  3. I fear the graphics difference is only getting worse....

User Info: stawg007

3 years ago#91
Pulp posted...
stawg007 posted...
You insinuate I'm a child or I'm not smart enough to understand your points and yet you're the one who seems to think graphics = ai, physics and/or the number of enemies on screen

Congrats on making yourself look like a total dumbass

You aren't smart enough if you think the difference in power between the consoles translates solely to "graphics". When people defend the weaker console with the excuse "graphics don't matter", they are simply being obtuse. It's more than that - AI, Physics, scope, loading methods, speed and more are all effected by any disparity in power. These things tie into what is known as Gameplay.

But even if I ran with the stupid idea "graphics" only, it is still obvious that better graphics can DIRECTLY impact gameplay, whether we are talking framerate, immersion and details (such as precision targeting). Graphics most definitely matter...unless you own the obviously weaker console....then they don't suddenly...lol.

Like I told you, have a trusted adult help you with what I wrote.

This topic has got nothing to do with physics, ai or any of the other nonsense you mentioned

It's about graphics, physics, ai and everything else have nothing to do with graphics no matter how many times you claim otherwise! Well maybe immersion to an extent if like I said in my first post if it's going heavily on presentation and story since a game like TLOU wouldn't be as immersive with ps1 graphic! Everything else you mentioned is total ********

And yes, whilst some people are going to defend a weaker console because it's their console of choice some people believe it or not simply don't care all that much about graphics and again, no, I'm not saying graphics are not important, I'm simply saying that for many people they are the least important aspect of a game or at the very least second to gameplay

I'm done with your stupidity, so to the ignore list you go

User Info: Pixx0

3 years ago#92
RS_YELARAKA posted...
There are 100 other topics you could be just posted in. I think we realize the PS4 is stronger graphically, thing is we dont care and its not a huge difference. Graphics dont make a game.

Isn't that post a copy/paste from the WiiU board? If not, it does look like one.
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  3. I fear the graphics difference is only getting worse....

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