Microsoft knew all along what they were doing. Strategy

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User Info: liquidblue4

3 years ago#41
D-Reaper16 posted...
liquidblue4 posted...
wake_me_420 posted...
liquidblue4 posted...
Apex-Player posted...

Obviously Sony is having a slow year for AAA titles, but they are at least still giving games out for ps+
and all the other positives that are functional not a puff of cloud.
Once xbox slows down and Sony takes off with games, it's no contest.

Would you rather a 100$ now, or 10k in 6 months if you can have patience.

Enjoy your launch lineup, try not to be jealous later though ;)

I've heard this exact same thing about the Vita. 2 years later and Vita is still on life support.
I think you're in for a bad generation.

You honestly think the Vita's lack of success means the PS4 will do poorly? They are two different markets. I think looking at last gen of home consoles gives a better idea of future trends, not equating a failing handheld market to a poor future for the PS4

ok. lets look at last gen. Xbox 360 outsold PS3 overall. Xbox 360 outsold PS3 monthly for over 30 months straight and the only time PS3 had a higher month was October 2013. Damn, you got me.

In what world do you live in that the xbox 360 outsold the ps3? Because in the real world the ps3 outsold the 360.

Sony fans are really this deluded?
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User Info: md22mdrx

3 years ago#42
"Sony fans are really this deluded?"

Uhm ..... ps3 overtook the 360 .... last year?

Yes. Last year.

User Info: Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher
3 years ago#43
I like how the PS4 has more confirmed exclusives in 2014 than the Xbone and yet the Xbone is the one with the strategy.

Keep hoping for those games to show up, Xdrones, maybe one day they will turn up.
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User Info: SunDevil77

3 years ago#44
Apex-Player posted...
2ndAtomisk posted...
Apex-Player posted...

a spycam that innovates being lazy, not gaming,

Have to ask, how does the Kinect innovate being lazy? It doesn't take much more energy to use your thumbs to do something than it does to use your voice.

Read some xbro posts lol.
"I don't have to get up and grab the controller"

It's the little things like having to stand up is an issue that just seems lazy.
I never knew how serious people were with,
"hate getting up to swap discs"
Until digital took off and getting up to grab a controller/remote became the complaint.

@ at towlie
Saying once xbox slows down was a mistake, your right I had an error. I mostly ment once Sony starts releasing more titles it won't be close. They are still keeping up, actually leading, with mostly only indie titles.

You seem to be really bothered.
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User Info: slickman120

3 years ago#45
md22mdrx posted...
"Sony fans are really this deluded?"

Uhm ..... ps3 overtook the 360 .... last year?

Yes. Last year.

It does not even matter in the end. I love every system to death. I've had every system in the past 4 generation. But all of this who outsold who is irrelevant. What is relevant are the increasing numbers to profit margins. Although the PS2 is considered the greatest seller, one would think they would kill the 360 in sells after selling so low on the xboxs first attempt. If Sony did beat microsoft, one cannot deny that the 360 was leaps and bounds more profitable than its predecessor. Yet, Sony took a step back with the PS3. Fortunately they refocused and set up a fantastic game plan that is working and putting them back on top.

As for Microsoft, they are once again increasing sales and way ahead of Sony in profitability apart from last gen. That is not to say who is better than who in the gaming industry, but its what a company ultimately strives for in the end, and microsoft is winning that war. They also are a legitimate adversary that noone saw coming as Sega left the market and nintendo went for a differend demo.Microsofts console sales are increasing generation to generation although Sony took a step back last gen. Who is winning is all relative, but if you call a consistent increase of sales and profitability XFLOP, that's not really something that is economically sound.
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User Info: Gevous

3 years ago#46
Damn, people are still thinking that X1 outsold PS4 in December? If the U.S. was the only country in the world, then yes, X1 outsold it. Barely. However, there are more countries in this world - countries where the PS4 is dominating the X1.

User Info: liquidblue4

3 years ago#47
md22mdrx posted...
"Sony fans are really this deluded?"

Uhm ..... ps3 overtook the 360 .... last year?

Yes. Last year.

Are you actually going by chartz and Sony numbers? Its a well known fact that PS3 numbers include PS2 and PSP numbers mixed in. Lets not get into shipped v sold either. Stop pretending, its disgusting.
Demon to Some. Angel to Others.

User Info: Ramsus082

3 years ago#48
The console straight-up plays games worse, unarguably. Every single multiplatform game, literally. Most games are multiplatform, and certainly the biggest ones.

Not sure how people can downplay this with a straight face. This was not in the cards, to say the least.
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User Info: StolenDiagram

3 years ago#49
You really have to admire the xbots clutching at straws with talk of patching in better graphics and apparently more multi platform games which won't be vastly inferior to their ps4 counterparts (first it was ghosts and now tomb raider is suffering quite dramatically on one)

Secondly, there are hardly more or better exclusives on xx. You have titan fall. K. I have a gaming pc for that, if I wanted to play yet another squad based shooter.

Shall we all just admit that we got suckered in and dickslapped by that guy at the announcement conference (someone remind me his name, the guy who was either shoved out the door or who jumped like a rat from a sinking ship)?
"What you see is the truth.
What you remember, that is the illusion":- Sephiroth FF7

User Info: Talinthis2

3 years ago#50
lies, thats what i always say when i dont know wtf im doing!
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