Top 100 Games of All Time, According to GameFAQs: Voting!

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User Info: TheMeanRock

3 years ago#31
stekim40 posted...
Mixorz posted...
Vote: Zelda: OoT
Vote: Mega Man 2
Vote: Street Fighter 2
Vote: Halo
Vote: Starcraft

Seriously these are the BEST games of all time??

oh come on now, you have to be joking, none of them would crack my top 1000 games in the past 30 years I've been gaming,

ohh okay, so Zelda OoT would make it in my top 200.. but thats it :P

Are you kidding?

First off, lets go ahead and say that this entire discussion is a subjective one... so stop.

Second, I think we both know that the end result of this poll has OoT on top... pretty much a given..

Megaman 2/SF2 are classics and deserve their place in the top 100.

Halo CE is to this day the best Halo, and one of the very best console shooters

Starcraft, is widely considered to be awesome (while I wouldnt agree because i hate RTS... we all know it to be true)

30 years of gaming? Prove it. Because I am doubtful. When youve been of Gfaqs for less than 3 years that is pretty suspect.

Where is your list? Care to backup your critique of this list?

User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#32
Ermm... confused about the relation to Xbox One with the 'disclaimer', but whatever:

Vote: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Vote: Final Fantasy X
Vote: Assassin's Creed
Vote: Pokémon Blue/Red
Vote: Gran Turismo

Kind of voted for games that not only did I enjoy immensely, but either opened my experience to an already existing franchise, or one that was just beginning.
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User Info: darealest47

3 years ago#33
Vote: Super Mario World
Vote: Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Vote: Halo Combat Evolved
Vote: Pac-Man
Vote: Demon's Souls
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User Info: zinsindetta

3 years ago#34
Vote: Mass Effect Trilogy
Vote: Illusion of Gaia
Vote: Xenogears
Vote: Lufia 2
Vote: Persona 4
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User Info: Ryan-06

3 years ago#35
bump for good off topic mod topic lol. OT:

Vote: Mass Effect trilogy
Vote: Shadow of the Colossus
Vote: Parasite Eve
Vote: Metal Gear solid 3
Vote: Fallout 3
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User Info: violentdissmay

3 years ago#36
Vote: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles
Vote: Mass Effect
Vote: Halo: CE
Vote: Final Fantasy IX
Vote: The Last of Us
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User Info: Evel138

3 years ago#37
Vote: Mass Effect
Vote: The Last of Us
Vote: Red Dead Redemption
Vote: Skyrim
Vote: World of Warcraft
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User Info: AFreeby

3 years ago#38
Ah, what the hell.

Vote: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
Vote: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Vote: Super Mario Bros. 3
Vote: Mega Man X
Vote: Devil May Cry
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User Info: DarkOmen_X

3 years ago#39
Vote: Chrono Trigger
Vote: Final Fantasy 6 (3 for SNES)
Vote: Legend Of Zelda A Link To the Past
Vote: Secret Of Mana
Vote: Super Metriod
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User Info: LanternOfAsh

3 years ago#40
Vote: the elder scrolls 3 morrowind
Vote: Halo combat evolved
Vote: Final Fantasy 6
Vote: Resident Evil 2
Vote: The legend of Zelda ocarina of time
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